Real-time insights at your fingertips with ESSENTIAL
Rieter enhances digitization of the spinning mill to better meet customer needs.

All customers who purchase new Rieter machines get access to ESSENTIALbasic, the entry-level model in the Rieter Digital Spinning Suite. ESSENTIALbasic makes it possible to use important functions and access additional modules in the Rieter Digital Spinning Suite, which is undergoing continuous enhancement.

The all-in-one spinning mill management system: ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite integrates all digital applications. The system connects all machines and auxiliaries – including those from other suppliers – that influence the production of yarn and provides user-defined interfaces for third-party systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Users can select modules in the Rieter Digital Spinning Suite that best suit their requirements and add them individually.

ESSENTIALbasic with every new Rieter machine

The digitization package ESSENTIALbasic is delivered with every new Rieter machine. Every Rieter customer can have it enabled upon request. Among other things, it includes the use of digital machine documentation and the possibility to order spare parts via the Internet. This module is also available for machines that have already been installed.

Introducing the right measures

The Rieter monitoring system offers new modules. ESSENTIALmonitor provides clearly organized data from the entire spinning process centrally. This allows all relevant information to be collected, weaknesses to be identified and personnel to be managed in the most economical way. The specific and continuous record of production, energy, and quality data enables short reaction times for the right measures to be initiated. This increases efficiency and reduces the cost of spinning mills. As a new feature, recommendations for how to improve productivity are available. ESSENTIALmonitor provides various kind of information as per need and user experience: a mobile app for the remote user, ESSENTIALdashboard – a large display unit in the spinning mill – for operator working on machine, and on desktop for the supervisory staff for further drill down and analysis.

Intelligent maintenance

ESSENTIALmaintain enables intelligent spinning mill maintenance by analyzing sensor data from critical machine components and identifying abnormalities to avoid outages. The module offers a clear overview of all future, current and past maintenance tasks.

Avoid outages

ESSENTIALpredict applies machine learning algorithms to sensor data and compares the running behavior of similar machine types. As soon as a machine starts behaving abnormally, the user receives a message containing instructions from Rieter on how to avoid a potential outage.

Do you want to experience the benefits of ESSENTIAL?

Access to the ESSENTIAL platform is free to Rieter customers. Further information can be obtained from Rieter sales representative, who offerexpertise regarding  Rieter Digital Spinning Suite.


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