Tonello and the Laundry (R)evolution go live at the KINGPINS24
By Alberto.

The denim industry has been heavily disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But the denim community still needs to connect to share ideas, information and inspiration!

Tonello is a part of the Kingpins24, a two-day online denim conference and event to bring the global denim industry together.

The research for technologies and solutions is part of their DNA, it is a daily commitment towards a better environment, the market, people, and all human beings, with their needs that may have changed during the actual situation.

Their ideas of new developments, are always based on create new ideas, new research that starts from dream that become reality and increasingly raises the bar of sustainability and responsibility.

Based on this vision, two revolutionary patent-pending process, are born, Wake and OBleach, that allow to create incredible and totally sustainable effects on garments.

The Laundry (R)evolution is the sophisticated fruit of this: a new conception in garment finishing processes based on three clear words: Simple, digital and automatic.

It involves only two technologies in the entire finishing cycle, reducing waste and optimizing resources: Laser, and the All-in-One-System. Metro, software that processes real data, in real time to check all laundry consumption, optimizing processing times, and improving performance.

The All-in-One System performs all washing operations by integrating four sustainable technologies into a single machine: NoStoneĀ®+ for authentic and pumice-free stone-wash effects; UP, for washing processes with at least 50% less water; Core, a nebulizing system improving performance and reducing water consumption; ECOfree 2, which uses ozone in both the water and air.

Speaking of ozone, for more than 100 years it has been used for destroying pathogens thanks to its strong oxidizing properties. So, Tonello machines are extremely flexible as they can both serve look and fashion purposes as well as sanitizing and disinfecting garments, accessories and equipment. Based on the today fashion industry situation, that has been heavily disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this could be the real market need and solution for the future.

All students, can join during the Kingpins Transformers: ED, where Maurizio Morosini, Sales Director of Tonello, will give voice to the company vision and values of environmental and social responsibility.Wake


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