Innovative concepts for fibre, yarn and fabric dyeing by Thies

Founded in 1892, the family company consequently presents many years of commercial, product and applications experience under the motto “BE THE CHANGE”. They concentrate on sustainable product solutions and focus on the development of innovative, intelligent and integrated concepts for fibre, yarn and fabric dyeing.

According to Ms. Verena Thies, Managing Director, Thies Textilmaschinen GmbH, “The generational change we have implemented means the enterprise is future-ready. We do, of course, developed machines which maintain our goods spectrum and the qualitative demands of our customers. In addition, the improvement of the energy efficiency of the machines is extremely important.”

The Thies product range includes jet & soft flow fabric dyeing machines, jiggers (high temperature and atmospheric), fully automated yarn dyeing machines and pressure dryers, loose stock bleaching and dyeing plants, laboratory and small-scale production dyeing machines, continuous and discontinuous tumblers, beam dyeing machines for yarn and fabric, heat recovery units, control technology for individual dyeing machines and total plants, fully automated plants and centralized overhead systems, dye-house planning and design.

Ms. Verena Thies, Managing Director,
Thies Textilmaschinen GmbH.

iCone: The yarn dyeing machine iCone is ideal for bleaching and dyeing fibre in different forms like packages, warp beams, combed tops or flock. With the help of modern flow analysis tools, the pipe systems, the pumps and their impellers have been optimized, reducing pressure losses and power consumption. The iCone offers the ability to dye in a traditional manner by using reciprocating liquor circulation. However, it can also be operated with one flow direction and an ultra-short liquor ratio starting at 1: 3.6. The machine is very flexible and matches diverse requirements. The delivery spectrum of the iCone is complemented by the very latest, user-friendly control system. Its “green functions” provide standardized programs for exploiting the optimization potential of different process steps. The iCone can be integrated into existing dyeing facilities without problems. On customer request, the iCone machines can be designed for the operation with existing material carriers and correspondingly for the adaption to existing dryers.


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