Mesdan LODO: Specific machine for yarn cone dyeing

MESDAN® S.p.A. is the Italy-based renowned manufacturer of YARN SPLICERS for the knotless yarn joining, and QUALITY CONTROL equipment for the TEXTILE LABORATORIES (Mesdan-Lab division).

The MESDAN DYE-LAB division offered a new and extremely advanced series of machines for the dyeing laboratories. High temperature dyeing lab equipment like GIOTTO, LODO and Auto-Chroma IR, were able to reproduce efficiently in the lab, the complete production dyeing process.

LODO is the specific machine for the yarn cone dyeing, able to work also at 135°C, available with 3 or 6 dyeing heads and capacity of either 1000 or 2000cc. It is equipped with programmable and user-friendly PLC microprocessor with touch screen display - up to 50 programs memory capacity, to easily reproduce the different dyeing diagrams.

Mesdan LODO: Ideal for small samples of yarn cones, bulk fibers, fabric beams and yarn skeins.

Each DYEING UNIT is equipped with:

  • Automatic continuous washing system and drain of the dyeing bath.
  • Reversible circulation pump (to allow bath flow from the inside-outside, and vice versa).
  • Safety thermostat, as per CE norms.
  • High quality thermal insulation system (to save power and enable faster temperature increase).
  • Automatic indirect water cooling system by means of an electro valve.

The same machine can be used for dyeing yarn skeins, loose fibres (in a perforated blanket) and fabrics (wound around a beam).


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