Color Service Automatic Dosing Systems for dyeing production

Color Service was founded in 1987 and according to this Italian manufacturer, they were the first company in the world to introduce the first automatic dosing system for powder dyestuff in the market.

This idea for Color Service came from the problems the company was facing every day in terms of the quality of articles being dyed in its own dyeing house. It was important to dye “right the first time” in order to hold down costs, meet customer deliveries, to avoid uncontrolled weighing mistakes, and to avoid waste of products (both for chemicals, auxiliaries and for powder dyes). The different production phases needed to have the finished fabric or garment had to be monitored  to retrace the origin of the eventual defects.

Over the years the range of Color Service automatic dosing systems became larger, up to the production of dosing systems for liquid auxiliaries, powder dyes (in production and laboratory), powder chemicals for dyeing and printing houses.

The weighing unit for powder dyes mod. TRS  automatically weighs any type of dyestuff in powder or granule form, guaranteeing the accuracy of the dosing, reproducibility of the recipes and the maximum hygiene in the working environment. The system allows a remarkable accuracy within small weighings and the accuracy is guaranteed by the use of Mettler’s high accuracy weighing instruments. The full automation for the dosing of the dyes is achieved combining the dosing unit mod. TRS with the automatic dissolution unit produced by Color Service in various models:

  • JIT (to serve small dyeing machines with reduced water volume).
  • SCC 35 lt. with 1 dissolution keg to dissolve medium quantity recipes, of about max 15 kg.
  • SCC 50 lt. with 1 dissolution keg to dissolve medium quantity recipes, of about max 18 kg.
  • SCC 2 with n.2 dissolution tanks to serve big capacity machines or a substantial number of dyeing machines.


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