Swiss Review

Stäubli plays a key role in ensuring optimized manufacturing conditions in the
weaving mills

Stäubli shedding solutions are a cornerstone of weaving mills around the world. They are renowned for their high-quality design using first-rate materials, advanced engineering based on intensive and continual R&D, and long service life. Among the broad range are cam motions, dobbies, and Jacquard machines, including the high-speed LX/LXL/LXXL electronic Jacquard machine series. These machines are ideal for high-speed weaving on all types of air-jet, rapier, and water-jet weaving machines and are available in formats with up to 25,600 hooks. They offer the broad versatility needed by mills that seek to excel in weaving flat fabrics, terry cloth, and technical textiles.

The range of carpet designs being offered is extremely broad, so the market is very challenging, demanding agility in the mill. Carpet weavers must have equipment that allows them to produce unique designs in order to remain competitive. The ALPHA 500 series of carpet weaving machines allows mills to produce a very wide variety of sophisticated designs. These machines are easy to program and are highly reliable in operation.

The ALPHA 500 enables carpet producers to maximize their design creativity, offer an exceptional collection that stands out from the masses, and react swiftly to changing market demands, thanks to the highly efficient production technology.


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