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SSM AG: A new dimension in yarn creation

The demand for fancy effects with Air-Textured Yarn (ATY) is increasing, so SSM has been working hard to offer yarn manufacturers more possibilities in this field. The result is a whole family of devices for producing fancy yarns with specific effects.

Part 3: High-speed valve option

Another option available on the SSM air-texturing machine is the so-called high-speed valve, which can completely stop the air supply for a defined interval. This specially designed high-speed electro-valve is installed at the compressed air input, before the texturing jet. It allows creating a new kind of fancy effect in which the ATY shows successive non-textured lengths contrasting with the duller textured lengths, giving the appearance of shiny flashes. When texturizing threads of different colors together, the air interruption makes for a color-change effect, showing one or the other color in an alternating sequence.

Part 4: fancyflex™ AIR option

Since one aim of air texturing is to create imitation of natural fibers, the fancyflex™ AIR option was developed to imitate the natural irregularities shown by linen, silk and other yarns. This option works by producing neps and texture variations present in natural yarns but using inexpensive materials like polyester. Our fancyflex™ VARIO option combined with a torque jet to false twist the threads offers users a new type of fancy effect. This setup is a way to easily control the characteristics of the effect. The prominence of the neps and the distance between them can be controlled in order to achieve the desired effect in the fabric.


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