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Loepfe: WeftMaster CUT-iT for airbag and coated fabrics

WeftMaster CUT-iT for airbag fabrics

In the case of the unexpected incident, while driving a car, people are relying on airbags for their life protection. Hence, airbag fabrics must have flawless quality. Renowned weavers of airbag fabrics take no risk; they rely on Loepfe’s CUT-iT to ensure their top quality fabrics have a perfectly defined and uniform selvedge.

Making use of the unrivalled features of CUT-iT during the fabric production process ensures a quick return on investment for safety-critical products such as airbags. The applications where CUT-iT improves a product’s quality are not limited to this showcase. All over the world, producers of high-end technical fabrics specify CUT-iT of Loepfe to guarantee a fabric selvedge without compromise. A top quality and uniform selvedge are highly valued when the yield in post processing is dependent on the uniform quality of the fabrics.

Coated fabrics such as tarpaulins or sailcloth can only be perfect if the base material used has top aspect selvedge guaranteed by CUT-iT.

The CUT-iT offers precise controllable settings for Loepfe´s hot wire cutters. The unit memorizes settings for later use. The client-server mode is very useful on tape weaving machines. CUT-iT has no analogue controls like other controllers and hence has better resistance to tampering. This recently developed product of Loepfe is highly demanded in cleantech, MedTech, geotextiles, automotive and many more high-tech areas.


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