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Graf MULTISHARP, the unique wear resistant alloy for card clothings

Since 1917, Graf has been manufacturing innovative metallic card clothings, flexible flat clothings and stationary flats for cards.

Benchmarks have also been set by the high quality combs, service machines and accessories.

MULTISHARP, the unique wear resistant alloy for card clothings, increases the lifetime of metallic card clothings on the cylinder by up to 30%. Additionally, the work load of the maintenance team can be minimized by providing longer service cycles and less unplanned downtimes.

The yield on raw material can be increased without compromising the quality requirements – thanks to the continuous height adjustability of the new combs series.

The continuous and exact gap setting between nipper and circular comb on each individual combing head provides customers a new level on raw material utilization.

Additionally, the maintenance people will appreciate the comfortable and easy installation of the circular comb.

With the card clothing management the overall investment costs can be reduced. This is based on minimizing the operational expenses including optimizing the overall equipment effectiveness. Graf’s card clothing management prolongs the lifetime of flexible flats by up to three times without comprising on the quality parameters throughout the entire life cycle.


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