Swiss Review

Crealet’s Yarn tension measuring LC: A versatile tool for the textile industry

CREALET is a Swiss company and a world-leading manufacturer of electronic warp feeding systems for both wide and narrow fabric weaving.

The yarn tension measuring device LC is designed as a long-term measuring unit and monitors or measures the yarn tension during an ongoing yarn processing operation.

With this device, the textile industry is provided with a tool with which tension analyses can be carried out, warp tensions of two warp beams can be synchronized, quality monitoring can be carried out, etc.

Various measuring heads are available for measuring the warp tension. They can easily be inserted into the warp ends and held in position by means of a ball locking cable.

Two measuring heads can be connected simultaneously to the yarn tension measuring device LC.

It is possible to simultaneously display current, minimum and maximum yarn tension. The simple zero adjustment guarantees an accurate measurement.

The digital display can send measurements via a CANopen or USB interface to a remote computer for visualization of the measurements. Several devices can be connected via the CAN interface to visualize several measurements simultaneously.


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