Pakistan remains an increasingly important market for Swiss textile machinery

Switzerland is known worldwide for its precision watches, cheeses and financial services. However, Swiss competence is not limited to these well known sectors.  Equally strong are the Swiss companies in the textile technology, testing equipments, chemicals and service sectors. What differentiates Swiss companies from others is their tradition and passion for innovation, precision engineering as well as their focus on high productivity and respect for the environment.

Swiss companies have been close partners of Pakistan’s textile companies for more than six decades. Companies such as Uster, SSM, Loepfe and Rieter have helped our spinning industry to reach the highest quality standards.  In the weaving sector Staubli is the world leader in Jacquard technology and Jakob Mueller is the undisputed leader in the narrow fabric technology. Saurer is the undisputed leader in the embroidery sector.  Pakistan has emerged as one of the most important markets for the Swiss textile machinery.  Import of textile machinery from Switzerland to Pakistan increased from CHF 26.8 million in 2018 to CHF 38.5 million in 2019, thus showing an increase of 44% and placing Pakistan as the 6th most important market in this sector.

In the world of textile chemicals, Archroma is another great example of the commitment of Swiss companies to Pakistan. Archroma’s chemical manufacturing plant at Jamshoro, Sindh is the world’s first zero discharge plant by a chemical company.  With a firsm commitment to the environment Archroma has developed world’s first Aniline free indigo, an achievement possible with the efforts of the dedicated team of Archroma.

Switzerland is one of the most competitive economies in the world. They have always strengthened their trade relations with Pakistan. The Swiss companies intend to increase their investments in Pakistan, while the current Government of Pakistan is continuously improving its imports policy to allow liberal imports of textile machinery, industrial raw materials, capital goods, and essential consumer goods.  Over the centuries, the sheer innovative spirit of the Swiss has been demonstrated many times through inventions spanning various fields of human experience. Their impact on the global textile industry has been among the most notable, with continuous and significant developments.

Our current issue of March 2020, as in the past is devoted to Switzerland and   in this special edition, our readers will find reports and news about Swiss companies and their innovative technological solutions for Pakistan’s textile industry as well as a comprehensive analysis of Swiss Pakistan trade relations.

This is a difficult time for the world with the rapid spread of Covid-19.  Switzerland is also severly affected by the fast spread of the virus and resulting deaths.  Pakistan Textile Journal wishes all our partners in Switzerland fast and safe recovery from the pandemic. 


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