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Savio’s EcoPulsarS winding machine, the Queen for Denim manufacturers

The Italian textile machinery manufacturer Savio can be defined a denim specialist, providing winding machines that can easily process special and challenging yarns, such as Lycra® and Dual Core Yarns. Savio winding unit is equipped with splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints and perfect package shape.

The demand for denim yarns with elastomeric core is expanding, and plays an important role because of fashion versatility and flexibility. Stretch garments are playing an important role inside this scenario, denim jeans and leggings are highly requested, especially for womenswear. Keeping up this trend of stretch denim, many yarn & fabric manufacturers are offering duo core yarns with improved recovery and strength, while retaining the comfort of cotton next to the skin. Dual core spun yarns are consisting of three components: a core filament - mainly Lycra®, a polyester multifilament as T-400® and a staple fiber- mainly cotton. This special yarn offers improved recovery and strength compared to traditional core spun technology. Savio winding machine can easily process special and challenging yarns. Savio winding unit is equipped with splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints and perfect package shape.  A common problem faced by the stretch fabric manufacturers is the breakage of the yarns during downstream process. The well-known Savio Twinsplicer still represents the solution to achieve the best performance of a “perfect joint” on Core Yarns, mainly “single core” with cotton, but also positive results have been achieved with Dual Core Yarns. In this field, Savio can also offer the new splicing technology combining air and water, Moistair®, which represents the most flexible solution of any kind of yarn.

EcoPulsarS: the sustainable eco-green advantage

EcoPulsarS winding machine was initially launched at ITMA Milan in 2015 and represents Savio’s latest offering with a focus on sustainability, completely appealing textile companies who are looking to decrease energy consumption in their manufacturing process and also adhere to new environmental legislations.

Savio’s Automatic Winder EcoPulsarS is equipped with a suction-on-demand system (S.D.S) which is one of the main reasons why the machines are able to reduce energy consumption up to 30%. The machine, with its sustainable eco-green advantage, replies to the markets demand of energy saving including room air conditioning, together with improved production performances, high quality packages and utmost flexibility.

Savio has always looked to stay ahead of competition and predict important emerging trends. Now, sustainability is right up there and is a key important development across the global textile industry. Initially, Savio were the first company to introduce computerized machines to the textile industry in the 1990s and more recently, they have followed this up with automation and Industry 4.0.

Twinsplicer: the unique selling proposition of Savio, an optimal solution for denim fabric

A common problem with fabrics, especially stretch fabrics, is thread breakage during production. When a break occurs, thanks to splicing devices equipped on the machine, the winding unit is able to make a cut of the broken / defective thread and to re-knot it, so as to aesthetically guarantee perfect joints and, consequently, perfectly package cones. The package formed by yarn without visible defects will give a fabric with an excellent appearance, especially for fine yarns, denim and high quality yarns.

Savio patented the Twinsplicer® in 1983, a mechanical splicer composed of discs coated with a polymer. This splicer achieves joints that are not otherwise comparable, as it is able to perfectly reconstruct the yarn at the junction point, without knots. The Twinsplicer® enhances its technological versatility with stretch yarns (cotton / Lycra®), creating invisible joints with perfect tightness and with the elastic filament core perfectly integrated into the joint.


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