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Loepfe spinning solutions built to see more

Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning machines. The YarnMaster yarn clearers ensures reliability and top efficiency in online classification of faults. The universally usable sensors detect smallest faults and achieve reliable results under all production conditions.

YarnMaster PRISMA with multi-sensor measurement design and new functionalities is the next generation of yarn clearers which will support spinners all around the world in mastering daily quality control. The YarnMaster PRISMA combines new and established sensor technologies in one device. Four sensor technologies interact intelligently and ensure unprecedented fault visibility and data quality. The unconventional new concept addresses all yarn quality problems related to material and the spinning process with a universal and multi-dimensional approach.

The new YarnMaster yarn clearer generation PRISMA astonishes everyone with its innovative fusion of sensor technologies.

The YarnMaster PRISMA world has a new integrated function: the MillMaster TOP management system for analysing and optimizing yarn quality.

The optoelectronic YarnMaster ZENIT+ guarantees 100% online quality monitoring during the winding process to produce consistently high-quality yarns. With its three dedicated sensors, a single sensing head can be used for any application. The simple and precise clearer settings meet the highest requirements.

YarnMaster ZENIT+ uses state-of-the-art and fastest processors and measuring technology. These innovative technical components allow even more precise yarn clearing and a multilayered evaluation of the measuring results. The easy to service and easy to operate central unit LZE-V with its 15.6 inch screen convinces with its clearly structured user interface. The possibility of having the status of the central unit checked by experienced LOEPFE technicians using remote control and to perform software updates, if needed, provides reliability. All this proves how LOEPFE has utilized state-of-the-art technology in the development of YarnMaster ZENIT+

All electronic components for evaluation, cutting mechanisms and sensors of YarnMaster ZENIT+ are contained in one housing. The material of the robust housing is made from specially shielding material. This prevents malfunctions, e.g. caused by smartphones, in direct vicinity of the winding machines. The perfectly mounted cutting mechanism was considerably improved. The intelligent knife force regulation enables a longer service life.


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