A new family of yarns arrives with Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK by Fulgar®

Concern for the environment, recycling, in a lifestyle green, zero emission is one of the most topical issues and felt by companies in the supply chain as well as final consumers. For this, Fulgar has developed a highly eco-friendly fiber, which aims to achieve a reduction of CO2 emission and water consumption.

Fulgar, a hallmark of Italian excellence and one of the world leader in the manufacture of innovative, increasingly sustainable man-made yarns, presents the eco-friendly Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK yarn developed in line with advanced Eco Design criteria.

Q-NOVA PURE BLACK by Fulgar® is enriched by a black pigment melted into the core of the yarn, binding permanently to the polyamide, which is made from a mix of virgin and recycled materials.


The association with LYCRA® BLACK origin elastomer further reduces  the impact of the fabric manufacture and enables the elastomer’s glitter effect to be eliminated. 

The advantages include simplification of the dyeing process and the total absence of additional black dye with a resulting reduction in water use, energy consumption and waste, as well as total safety for the final consumer.

Its ability to make the company’s production processes more sustainable means that Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK has also gained numerous green certifications, including Global Recycled Standard (GRS 2015-005 certified by ICEA). Fulgar uses PEF analytical methodology to measure its environmental impact.

Q-NOVA® by Fulgar®, is a nylon 6,6 fibre obtained from environmentally friendly raw materials and responds to specific traceability requirements. Q-NOVA® by Fulgar® is made from waste materials coming from the company's production cycle. This choice makes it possible to reduce the use of crude oil necessary for the production of the polymer.


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