Textile industry against the merger of textile, commerce divisions

The value-added textile sector has opposed the merger of commerce and textile divisions citing that it will affect the overall performance of the sector. A statement jointly issued by Council of All Pakistan Textile Mills Associations Chairman Muhammad Zubair Motiwala and other textile industry stakeholders urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to withdraw the decision of merging commerce and textile divisions as it would damage the sector.

The stakeholders asked the government to keep the textile ministry separate from the Commerce Division and appoint a textile minister who would resolve major issues of the sector.

The federal government recently approved a recommendation of Adviser to Prime Minister on Restructuring and Austerity, Dr. Ishrat Husain, to merge the commerce ministry with the textile division and rename it Ministry of Commerce and Textiles.

Motiwala highlighted that the textile export sector was the largest foreign exchange earner of Pakistan with a contribution of $13.32 billion (58% of total exports) to the national exchequer.

He said the Ministry of Textiles was established on demand of the value-added textile export sector, which is the backbone and lifeline of our nation’s economy. The government cannot neglect this sector as it provides 42% of total employment.


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