Heimtextil 2020

Heimtextil 2020: A remarkable edition for Pakistan’s Students

Pakistan is the 4th largest international country at Heimtextil from the exhibitor side and the 5th largest international visitor country in 2019. A number of Pakistani exhibitors have grown in size over the years at Heimtextil which has resulted in Pakistan’s home textile growth.

Exhibitors receive massive orders at Heimtextil, not only from European countries but from all around the world. Heimtetxil provides an important platform for engagement and interaction with a large number of buyers from all around the world at one place.

Messe Frankfurt SP Pakistan under its CSR program has been working with young student designers since 2011 when it first sponsored students from Indus Valley. Three students who won the Design Contest were provided airline tickets and hotel stay to visit Heimtextil. Since then it’s an annual event which has resulted in over 100 young designers attending Heimtextil yearly. These young designers then start to work in the Pakistani industry which helps our exhibitors learn about design and trend which is one of the key factors in a buyers mind.

This year three students of Indus Valley have won the "New and Next" student competition in 2019 and they have been given opportunity to present their work at Heimtextil 2020.

Student delegations from Indus Valley and AIFD will be attending this Heimtextil.

With the “New & Next University Contest”, schools that specialize in textile design were invited to submit design drafts by their students. Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) were part of the contest and the three students won that contest for Heimtextil 2020.

The three students Ms. Hibba Saqib, Ms. Insia Aamir, Ms. Safa Amin have worked on projects highlighting Sustainability and how to use recycled products in the textile industry. They worked on various projects using natural spices, recycled flowers, recycled plastic to create various products which can also be commercially produced.

These three students will be given a free fully decorated booth in the Textile Design area of 3.0. This hall is established not only for the students work to be displayed but there will be Heimtextil 20/21 trends will be showcased, all the international designers will be there in Hall 3.0 that helps the students to be among the experts and learn more with their work. Hall 3.0 is the highlight of the fair.

Not only this, but the winning students are also being give sponsorship from Messe Frankfurt SP Pakistan, and the delegating of students and faculty members will be getting visitor passes that are free of cost, The students have also been asked to provide a list of their prospective employees and Messe Frankfurt Pakistan will arrange the meetings with them at Heimtextil. Trend book that each costs Euro 60 will also be given to the students after the event. Delegation that is going to Heimtextil will also be given opportunity to visit Neonyt in Berlin, a show which is about Sustainable Fashion. Free entrance passes for Berlin event and for the fashion show will also be given to the student delegation.

These are not the only opportunities students will avail at Heimtextil 2020 but it is just the highlighted ones that will be enjoyed by the students and there are list of opportunities that the students will experience their at Heimtextil 2020 as this edition is the 50th Anniversary of Heimtextil that will presents more sustainable products than ever before and provides inspiration for everyone.


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