Bleach or no bleach? Obleach! and wake, naturally

Tonello thrives impossible challenges, lateral points of view, and even upside down ones.

Because without ideas there would just be machines, while instead they are dreams that become reality, processes that constantly change and improve the way we work, insights that come from research that increasingly raises the bar of sustainability and responsibility. That is who we are, “we are Tonello”, and that’s the way we work.

So, after finishing their obligations and celebrating success at ITMA 2019, they are now already ready to share two latest innovations at Kingpins 2019 in Amsterdam, scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of October. Wake and OBleach are two revolutionary, patent-pending processes, which can also be applied to the same garment, at the same time, to create incredible and totally sustainable effects.

They have already talked about Wake: it is the first totally natural dyeing system. In fact, it uses only plants, and vegetable waste, items such as flowers, berries, and roots, which are left to dry and infuse, without harmful chemical additives. Using it is as easy as making an herbal tea, and represents a real paradigm shift.

As a matter of fact, it uses only 100% organic and compostable raw materials and it is a sustainable and circular process, with no additives. It also drastically reduces CO2 emissions and allows great water and energy savings. It guarantees the safety and healthiness of both the process and the garment in dyeing, for the operators as well as for the final consumer

Tonello will be present in Amsterdam with the Wake Lab, a small laboratory for realizing eco dyes live, using only compostable raw materials.

OBLEACH is the new Tonello process which, by using only ozone, “returns to the future” with an authentic, sustainable and… decidedly cool BLEACH.

These are the main advantages:

Contrasting effects: Absolute respect for the fibers and the environment, thanks to a room-temperature process. Maximum reproducibility, allowed by the technology. In short, the real Bleach without Bleach has finally arrived. And this a whole year before the total permanganate ban slated to begin in 2020. But it doesn’t end here.

The technical aspects, the plus points of these two new processes will be enhanced by an “inspiring concept” in typical Tonello style.

In fact, as a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, our “Wake & OBleach” collection pay tribute to those 4 days that shook the youth of the world (and not only) with a unique happening, a fusion of music, flowers, peace, rain , mud, nature, love, freedom, and… of course, denim.


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