OmniBloq™ approved by Cotton Incorporated for STORM COTTON™

After extensive testing, OmniBloq™ -- Bolger & O’Hearn’s high powered, Stormproof/Breathable™ durable water repellent has been approved by Cotton, Incorporated as an official STORM COTTON™  and STORM DENIM™ breathable water repellent technology.

STORM COTTON™ and STORM DENIM™ are new brands from Cotton, Inc. designed to combine the natural comfort of cotton with high performance characteristics normally found in synthetic materials.

Recent tests of OmniBloq™ conducted by Cotton, Inc. at their labs demonstrated that OmniBloq™ meets the stringent repellence, breathability and durability requirements necessary to be an approved chemistry for apparel carrying the STORM COTTON™ and/or STORM DENIM™ brand labels.

STORM COTTON™ Technology is a repellent finish for cotton that offers protection from rain and snow, while maintaining the natural comfort of cotton.  Highly durable, the STORM COTTON™ finish offers improved performance over typical DWR treatments by maintaining excellent repellency performance throughout the life of the garment.

STORM COTTON™ is also highly breathable. According to materials supplied by Cotton, Inc., many water-repellent treatments inhibit a fabric’s ability to breathe and transfer moisture vapor. Although it repels liquids, STORM COTTON™ Technology doesn’t impact or impede the natural ability of cotton to breath and allow moisture vapor to escape and evaporate.

STORM DENIM™ has the same attributes and is applied on the garment, which allows greater flexibility to apply additional garment finishing techniques.

OmniBloq™ is a powerful new Durable Water Repellent developed by Bolger and O’Hearn that is both stormproof and breathable. Unlike most DWR’s on the market, OmniBloq™ has been engineered to keep working even in heavy snow or pounding rain. Most DWR’s quickly lose power in those conditions, while OmniBloq™ maintains performance. In a class by itself, OmniBloq™ adds lightweight, breathable repellence against the elements without bulky membranes. OmniBloq™ also holds onto its power through multiple washings.

“We are very proud that OmniBloq™  is now an approved DWR chemistry for apparel carrying the STORM COTTON™ and STORM DENIM™ brand labels,” said Shaun O’Hearn, president of Bolger & O’Hearn. “When we began working with Cotton Inc. on this project, we had no doubt OmniBloq™ would not only meet but surpass their criteria. This endorsement from Cotton Inc., which is one of the most respected institutions in the global textile industry, underscores what we have known all along about this unique chemistry,” O’Hearn said.

“We’re excited about the outstanding results,” he added, “and believe this points to the immense value OmniBloq™ is bringing to the global textile industry and Bolger & O’Hearn’s role as a trusted developer of next-generation chemistries.”

Known for innovation and the highest quality standards, Bolger & O’Hearn frequently develops new products for industry partners, which include several major brands. A bluesign system® partner since 2014, B&O is also actively committed to sustainability in both its manufacturing processes and the chemistries the company develops, manufactures and sells. For example, B&O is a leader in the development of fluorine-free water repellents and continually strives to improve the health, safety and environmental profiles of all of its products.

In fact, many are water-based and/or on the prestigious ZDHC list of environmentally-approved chemistries. B&O also generates half the energy it needs to run the company’s US manufacturing operations from an on-site solar field, reducing their annual carbon emissions by 125,000 pounds, or the equivalent of 14,065,489 gallons of gasoline.


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