Visitors at ITMA 2019 received the new Biancalani textile machines with
great enthusiasm

It is often said that the exhibition is only interesting for a certain period of time. But not ITMA. It is also said of companies that they are strong only for a certain period of time. But not Biancalani. These are two very different stories, ours is recorded by registered patents.

Last June Biancalani, at ITMA, presented its innovative products and the further evolution of the excellent existing machinery. Products tested and super updated. In short, exactly what customers and visitors expected to see.

More than 1000 guests from all over the textile world visited our booth during the fair, all eager to learn about the latest news and, above all, to understand how to increase and improve their production. And Biancalani had thought of every need, of the questions that would have been asked, of the new machinery to be presented and of the elements useful for transforming an already valid machine into an even more performing one.

Very few customers did not already know that Biancalani is a veteran of textile machinery manufacturers specializing in exports. But its always a pleasure to tell the story of the company and the potential it offers, especially in the context of a very high level exhibition. And the real satisfaction certainly remains to perceive a real interest in customer feedback: in particular, during ITMA 2019, customers absorbed every possible information about the machinery presented by the company from Prato, new or in the latest developments.

  • AQUARIA®: guarantees a fast, homogeneous, harmonious and defect-free washing treatment. The machine can also be positioned in line with many continuous dryers, including of course AIRO®24 and BRIO®24.
  • AIRO24EVO5: those who have never touched a finished fabric with AIRO® will be doubly affected. The well-known AIRO® hand is now unmatched thanks to this version - the non plus ultra among continuous tumblers, dedicated to any type of fabric and different types of knitwear.
  • AIRBOX: the maximum for a compact, fast, continuous super dryer in open width. It can be used as an independent unit for (pre)drying, but it can increase the production capacity of any other continuous tumbler up to more than 50%. All with a reduced energy consumption to the minimum terms.
  • BRIO®24: the continuous rock and relax dryer, for knitted fabrics in open and tubular, unique in its kind, so relaxing that it relaxes the nerves of any knitted fabric. It achieves results usually only possible with traditional single tumblers.

The next appointment is at the Shanghaitex Exhibition in China at the end of November, with solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the Asian market. It will be a real pleasure for Biancalani to welcome customers again, listen to their requests and propose optimal solutions.

The quality of Biancalani is always a guarantee, and is patented.


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