Benninger: 160 years of commitment to textiles and sustainability

Benninger is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture and service of technologically advanced, highly-developed textile finishing and tyre cord solutions for the global textile, chemical fibre, tyre and conveyor belt manufacturing markets.

The main driver for Benninger for the past 160 years was always to come up with consistent innovation and the continuous improvement of our products, processes and services in order to save limited resources such as water and energy.

Sustainability is becoming a more and more important factor for the textile industry but for Benninger sustainability not only means saving limited resources but also long lasting quality production ranges and therefore long lasting end products of our customers.

Benninger-Küsters DyePad

At Shanghaitex, Benninger will show a Benninger-Küsters DyePad Basic which is manufactured in Suzhou Benninger Küsters Machinery Co., Ltd. This padder has been specially designed for the needs of the Asian markets, and focuses on easy handling. Two swimming rollers ensure a maximum deflection potential and allow dyeing of knit and woven fabrics without limitations. BENNINGER is the only textile machine manufacturer with the know-how of the original S-roller technology, which is synonymous with an even dyeing result across the entire fabric width.

Benninger Küsters DyePad.

In addition the Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process.

All these advantages and facts make the Benninger-Küsters DyePad to the leading CPB dyeing station with more than 80% market share in CPB dyeing.

Contamination Sensor

Benninger has developed a contamination sensor for the washing compartments where the degree of contamination regulates the necessary amount of fresh water in order to a.) guarantee the lowest possible water and energy consumption and b.) ensure a high reproducibility of the washing result.

Contamination Sensor.

Küsters – World Leading Technology by Benninger Group

The Swiss company Benninger has been the textile finishing industry’s leading partner for more than 150 years with global branches and service representatives across the globe.

In 2007 Küsters Textile GmbH became a member of Benninger Group. This merger of two long-established companies with a premium product and service offering created the world’s leading technology supplier of machines and ranges for textile wet finishing.

Since the merger the joint brands Benninger and Küsters have become icons for high quality and leading partners of the textile industry. The vast knowledge and comprehensive know-how of the  process allows Benninger to offer high-quality installations with excellent customer service.

One example is the Original-Benninger-Küsters DyePad with two Swimming Rollers, which has been a safe and reliable tool in the field of dyeing since decades. With a refurbished and modernized periphery this unit is perfect for short to medium sized lots.

The company’s unique position has attracted local low-cost competitors to exploit Küsters’ heritage and brand value. However, Benninger is taking on the challenge to defend its highclass perception and reputation in the marketplace – through delivering excellent manufacturing and distinctive service quality to our customers.

When it comes to excellence customers around the globe rely on Küsters’ original worldleading technology by Benninger Group – unmatched Swiss quality made in Switzerland and Germany.


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