DPS World 2019

Opera Textiles completely satisfied with the performance of SPGPrints JAVELIN®
and PIKE® digital printers

Tell us something about Opera Textiles?

We are producers of printed fashion garments for ladies.  We have been in the printing industry for the last 19 years in the conventional side of printing using both rotary and flatbed. Initially we specialized in the man-made fiber like polyester. The dyeing and printing in the initial unit were mainly with polyester for the local market.  Then we moved to flatbed and rotary starting with one rotary and one flatbed enhancing our capacity gradually. After receiving a good response in the reactive business we finally moved towards digital printing.

What is the main difference you have seen in the production with the digital machine?

Our daily production is around 150,000 meters, only for printing except dyeing. And in this the share of digital is around 40%, while the overall printing is more than a hundred million meters.

How is your experience with SPGPrints machines? Which was the first machine installed at your premises?

Our first machine was JAVELIN® from SPGPrints and we were the first to introduce this machine in Pakistan. Last year in view of the requirements of the market we took the decision of the PIKE® machine by SPGPrints.    

For the last four months, PIKE® is in production with excellent  results.  There were also free of cost software and hardware updates by the company.

We have been using this machine in full production and the warranty period was 2.5 years is really helpful. We haven't faced any major issues with our JAVELIN® and PIKE® machine so far.

What are your comments about the services of SPGPrints?

Sales and Marketing are very good and especially the after-sale service is excellent and having trained engineers. Whenever there is a need they try their level best to solve the problem. Then another added feature with SPGPrints is their upgradation services.  Whenever there is an upgrade of their technology they offer it to their old customers also.

They also upgraded  our JAVELIN® machine by  including heat exchangers on the heads which previously were not present in the older model of JAVELIN®. They upgraded the old machine with new features for better performance. 

SPGPrints highlights world class textile printing technologies

At DPS World 2019, the SPGPrints® stand was the place where you were able to find All You Need In Printing. Whether you choose for conventional or digital printing or are looking for screen engraving equipment, SPGPrints delivers you the machinery and consumables that help you produce the best quality with the lowest total cost of ownership.

SPGPrints NEBULA Reactive HD Inks

Colour and texture are what sell textiles. With the spread of digital printing, market demands for quality become more demanding and specific.

As the performance of digital textile printers increase, demands for higher speeds are twinned with uninterrupted runnability. With increased volumes, downtimes have become less acceptable, and can impact tight deadlines and just-in-time logistics SPGPrints high performance HD Inks with design-in print head compatibility offer trouble-free production with breathtaking results.

  • Efficient ink usage: Optimise cost per metre with efficient usage with inks that are optimised to print heads.
  • Greater productivity:  With clean-running ink, maintenance time reduced and productive uptime increased.
  • Adding value to textiles: Enhance the look of products through the richness of colour.

The SPGPrints NEBULA Reactive HD inks range for any printer using Kyocera print heads offers inks in Blue, Magenta QR, Orange, Red, Grey and Deep Black, as well as the standard Cyan, Magenta,  Yellow and Black. A universal penetration fluid through printing ensures comparable print quality on both sides of the fabric.


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