ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Rieter showcased innovations for all four spinning processes

At ITMA 2019, Rieter showcased innovations for all four spinning processes that are established on the market. These innovations are designed to reduce raw material, energy and labor costs, while also increasing productivity during production of the yarn quality required in each case. Solutions to increase the flexibility of the spinning mill are also presented. In addition, Rieter presents two solutions for the production of innovative yarns.

Fiber preparation

The blowroom VARIOline with the new UNIClean B 15 brings significant improvements in terms of energy consumption and the cleaning result for all spinning processes. The same applies to the new high-performance card C 80, which offers an unrivaled level of productivity.

Ring and compact-spinning process

To increase the cost effectiveness of the ring spinning and compact spinning process, Rieter revealed the new comber E 90, the new roving frame F 40, the piecing robot ROBOspin and three different compacting units that can easily be installed on and removed from a ring spinning machine: COMPACTdrum, COMPACTapron and COMPACTeasy.

Simag Pvt. Ltd. team at Rieter stand.

Rotor spinning process

Innovations that bring considerable improvements in efficiency for the rotor spinning process were also presented. The draw frame module RSB-Module 50 can be used in combination with the high-performance card C 80 and can be configured to a highly efficient direct process with the new semi-automated R 37 or the fully automated R 70. The new, cost-effective rotor spinning machines are characterized by low energy consumption, high productivity and high machine availability with low raw material costs.

Mr. Fritz Moser, Head Sales and Marketing, Bracker AG.

Air-jet spinning process

Innovations for the air-jet spinning process were also featured. The process for producing a very attractive yarn made of 100% combed cotton was presented.  There was evidence that this process is extremely cost-effective, despite the combed out short fiber content.

ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

The new innovations for the four spinning processes are supplemented by two new functionalities of ESSENTIAL: ESSENTIALorder and ESSENTIALconsult, which are available to all Rieter customers free of charge with the purchase of a new machine. In addition to the existing modules ESSENTIALmonitor, ESSENTIALmaintain and ESSENTIALpredict, the next steps are demonstrated: ESSENTIALlab for integrating laboratory data into the spinning mill management system, ESSENTIALoptimize, the intelligent recipe management system, and ESSENTIALautomate for integrating the transport and logistics systems.

After Sales

The growing digital service offering complements new solutions for optimizing the installed base. With the PSM Drafting Motor, Rieter After Sales offers a significant improvement on the machines G 33 and K 44; and with the Energy Saving Support Disc it offers the possibility to make considerable energy savings on rotor spinning machines.

Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, SSM and Suessen

The Rieter Group’s component manufacturers also introduced further innovations for day-to-day operations, such as the Bräcker ring traveler C1 ELM udr and the new SOLIDRING B 188 from Suessen. In preciforce, SSM presented a system for optimizing the bobbin build-up on precision winding machines. SSM also revealed another yarn innovation: fancyflex is a technology for manufacturing slub yarn for textured yarns.

Rieter Awarded large contract from Egypt

Rieter Group has signed contracts with the Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Company, Cairo (Egypt), at the ITMA 2019. These seven projects entail a total of 180 million Swiss francs. The contract comprises delivery of compact- and ring-spinning systems over the next two years. This order is part of a comprehensive modernization program of the Egyptian textile industry. The order intakes are anticipated to be realized in 2019 with sales posted in the 2020/2021 financial years.

The contracts were signed at the ITMA in Barcelona, Spain, by Dr. Ahmed Moustafa Mohamed, Chairman Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Company, and Dr. Norbert Klapper, CEO Rieter.

Dr. Klapper was very pleased at the formal signing of contracts: “We would like to thank our Egyptian business partners for the confidence they are placing in Rieter by awarding us this contract. Rieter has been the partner of choice of the Egyptian spinning industry for decades. We are delighted to be given the opportunity of making such an important contribution to the modernization of the Egyptian textile industry.”


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