ITMA 2019, Barcelona

100 years of Kaeser Kompressoren: A tradition of innovation

The history of the Coburg compressed air specialist, Kaeser Kompressoren truly is a remarkable story. Although many a company celebrates its centenary, they cannot all boast such sustained and continuously positive development. Kaeser is active all over the world in its centenary year, 2019. Kaeser is a family-owned company with strong ties to Germany; it views the entire world as its home turf and offers 'Made in Germany' quality from start to finish.

Noon International team with Mr. Mr. Robert Umanski, International Sales Manager of Kaeser.

Compressed Air 4.0 – The fabric of efficient textiles production

Digital technology is taking over the textiles industry. Machines are being networked, production processes are being automated. In order to make air-jet loom operation even more efficient, a future-proof compressed air supply is essential. Kaeser compressors and treatment components combine impressive performance and energy efficiency with maximum compressed air availability and minimal maintenance requirement.

SIGMA SMART AIR – Smart service through digitalisation

The SIGMA SMART AIR service package from Kaeser makes the advanced digital services of tomorrow, available today. By bringing digitalisation to your compressed air station, Kaeser not only makes predictive maintenance a reality, but also achieves unprecedented energy efficiency and compressed air supply availability.

Three generations of Kaeser: Company founder Carl Kaeser Senior,
Carl Kaeser junior and Thomas Kaeser with his wife Tina-Maria Vlantoussi-Kaeser.

i.HOC - Clever use of heat for oil-free compressed air

The integrated i.HOC rotation dryer from Kaeser ensures a secure and stable supply of quality compressed air for oil-free compression rotary screw compressors at pressure dew points as low as -30 °C, even under challenging conditions. Moreover, it also saves energy.

SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 – Smart networking

Master controllers are now expected to do far more than optimise compressor operation according to current demand. Efficiency plays a decisive role. Kaeser has developed a patented simulation-based optimisation process that anticipates the most efficient switching operations.


With the new TG series, Kaeser extends its range of energy saving SECOTEC refrigeration dryers to accommodate flow rates up to 98 m³/min and offers models with a choice of air- or water-cooling. Designed for large-scale industry, these compact giants ensure stable pressure dew point performance even under the toughest of operating conditions - with maximum reliability and minimal life-cycle costs.


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