ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Jiangsu Little Sun showcases dyeing and finishing machinery spare parts

Jiangsu Little Sun Machine Technology Co., Ltd, a company that specializes in manufacturing fabric dyeing and finishing machinery spare parts for various machines  exhibited their latest innovations at ITMA 2019.

Jiangsu Little Sun are  manufacturers  of spare parts such as clips, chains, pin holders, pin plates, doctor, doctor brackets, end rings, lubricating boards, three (four) finger selvedge uncurlers, flat selvedge uncurlers, flat pneumatic selvedge uncurlers, sizing cutting and suction edge equipment, and rail guide, etc for stenter, mercerizing machine, carpet machine, artificial leather machine, coating machine, ager, oxygen bleaching range and flat screen printing machine.

Jiangsu Little Sun is considered one of the world’s biggest suppliers of spare parts to the global dyeing and finishing machinery industry.

"XTY" products are exported to more than 50 countries, and supplied to various well-known stenter manufacturers in China and other countries. The plant is spread over 50,000 square meters of space and has over 370 staff working in the plant.


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