New Benchmark in the Carding Process
Card C 80 increases production by 30%.

With a 30% production increase, the new card C 80 enters a new dimension. It also offers energy savings of up to 20%. Quality spinners benefit from efficient raw material utilization and excellent yarn quality.

Customers with the highest productivity requirements count on the new card C 80. Compared to all other cards on the market, the C 80 produces at least 30% more card sliver at a consistently high sliver quality. As a result, the number of cards required for a spinning mill can be significantly reduced. Depending on the raw material, this means that where four cards were previously used, only three are now required. Another benefit: Significantly lower energy consumption per kilogram of card sliver produced. This has a huge impact on lower production costs. The basis for this increase in productivity is the larger active carding area and the maximum technological utilization of the carding cylinder circumference.

C 80 – The world’s most productive card with the largest active carding area.

Top quality

For customers who value higher quality, up to 10% fewer imperfections are possible compared to yarns produced with other cards available on the market. This is based on the largest active carding area and the centrally adjustable carding gap, which is characterized by unprecedented precision.

With today’s standard card sliver quality, it is possible to achieve a lower loss of good fibers and therefore raw material savings.


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