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Vandewiele demonstrates new technologies at ITMA 2019

Van de Wiele provides innovative textile systems for the complete cycle from granulate to carpet, starting with the extrusion and heatsetting of BCF yarns and ending with the weaving or the tufting. A wide range of new technologies were demonstrated by Vandewiele at the ITMA 2019 textile machinery show in Barcelona from June 20-26. All Vandewiele technologies are now being equipped for machine-to-machine interaction and learning, as part of the company’s comprehensive TEXconnect programme.


The new RCE2+ Rug and Carpet Expert weaving machine is a truly digital workhorse, with all yarns continuously controlled and measured and the difficult bobbin changes of the past completely eliminated. This is a result of VAN DE WIELE’s latest Fast Creel, with individual tension control by torque motors on each pile yarn.

The pile yarns are now fed directly into the machine without having to pass pile-stop motions, to both increase efficiency and eliminate any waste yarns, while achieving previously unreachable industrial speeds.

The filling enters the machine smoothly via the latest IRO X3 winders, heavy duty filling brakes with multi lamellas, an active yarn recuperator and a high speed weft mixer, where again, all tensions are set electronically. Vandewiele’s servo-driven heddle frames (Smart Frames) are meanwhile already well proven in the industry.

TEXconnect further provides readily-available data on all yarn consumption, tension and threading, and then will supply the predictive maintenance that is paving the way to self-learning carpet weaving machines.

All of this would be unnecessary, if it didn’t result in allowing manufacturers to make the highest quality carpets at the most economic prices ever, with savings on the highest-bulk pile yarns from the Vandewiele extrusion lines, reduced waste yarns in the creel and industrial production speeds that have never before been attained.

The new VSI32 Velvet Smart Innovator Jacquard

Imagine you combine the possiblities of a flat woven Jacquard fabric with pile yarn. A whole new range of fabrics for home and fashion can be created. This is what Van de Wiele shows on the Velvet Smart Innovator VSi32 for Italian velvet.

The Velvet Smart Innovator VSi32 is a digital machine full of servo-controlled motions. However, the big breakthrough in velvet weaving is the Smart Creel for velvet. The long experience of Smart Creels in Axminster weaving has now been introduced in velvet weaving. Moreover, complicated creel set-ups with planted colours become easy. A whole range of new designs are within reach.


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