ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Pinter introduces yarn solutions

OptiFil optical yarn sensors

Pinter Group presented its technology solutions at ITMA 2019, starting with OptiFil -the last generation of individual optical yarn sensors. Detecting the movement of the traveller, OptiFil controls continuously the status and RPM of each yarn position. All the data collected from the sensors can be delivered to the monitoring software to have a complete view of the spinning department in real time. OptiFil can also be connected to the Roving Stop system to stop the roving in case of yarn breakages, says Pinter Group.

Advantages of OptiFil

  • The only way to avoid low twist for 100% of the spindles.
  • Zero maintenance product.
  • Available for 68.75;70 mm gauge.
  • Superfast detection and communication allows to detect breakages  in less than one second and activates the roving stop instantaneously.
  • Auto limitation of power supply when there are more than 12 breakages per section: LEOs intensity decreases automatically to avoid energy waste.
  • LED lights are installed directly in the PCB card to ensure the robustness of the system.
  • In case of dirt or obstacles in front  of the sensor, it will alarm the operator.

Fancyflex Attachment

Fancyflex Attachment by Pinter Group is a new revolutionary attachment for producing Mosaic yarn. The yarn suddenly changes colour, not by dyeing or printing, but by a change of the fed roving. According to the company, the transition from one colour to the next is extremely short, less than 1 cm, so the change is clean and precise. FancyFiex allows a quick change from normal yarn to Mosaic yarn and backwards.

Advantages of FancyFlex attachment

  • Repeatability of the pattern is fully guaranteed.
  • The appearance in the fabric is much cleaner compared to the standard Injection, without the fibre contamination: no tails of the previous colour are dragged behind. The length of the programme can be extended as long as necessary to cover one whole garment
  • The attachment can be retrofitted on any type of ring frame.
  • Besides striped yarn, the attachment allows the production of injected and slub yarn. These effects can be combined at the same time, controlling multiple variables such as thickness, length and randomness. It also allows the production of conventional yarn as well. Mosaic is a trademark of Toyota Industries Corporation.


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