ITMA 2019, Barcelona

PENTEK introduces the latest version of DreamAIR

The Italian company Pentek Textile Machinery announced the latest version of DreamAir, the exclusive wet tumbler for speciality finishing effects. Thanks to the refined airflow fabric transportation with mechanical action, DreamAir is a unique creative tool dedicated to the most demanding fabric finisher.

From chemical processes to various washing effects, it’s now possible to reproduce in continuous an entire range of wet applications which are conventionally achieved in discontinuous batch machines.

Caustic washes for tensionless mercerization, enzyme washing, fibrillation and defibrillation, bleaching and sand washing effects are all possible in continuous form.

Batch to batch variation is no more a concern, thanks to the precise and continuous chemical dosing system. Water consumption and utilities are dramatically reduced, opening a new scenario when marketing added value fabric.

DreamAIR opens up new fronteers of finishing in the various fabric compositions and applications, from silky goods to shirting to bottom weights up to home fabrics and knitwear.

A huge variety of potential solutions for anyone who seeks to escape from the price battle and breath - for a while - the healing air of uniqueness: Let Yourself  Be a DreamAIR!.


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