ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Comez Crochet and Warp Knitting technologies

COMEZ was present at the ITMA  with innovative machineries in crochet and warp knitting field, interpreting and offering solutions to the market specific needs.

All the novelties of the Jakob Müller Group, COMEZ machines were released and exhibited for the first time during that exhibition.

COMEZ showed its 800 ACO/EL, a crochet knitting machine with electronically controlled yarn tension and stitch density regulation, and the DNB/EL-32-12B, an electronically controlled warp knitting machine with double needle bed for the production of technical and garment textiles.

DNB/EL-32-12B: Electronic warp knitting machine for the production of a wide range of different articles

The new DNB/EL-32-12B, shown at ITMA 2019, is the latest evolution of the COMEZ electronically controlled warp knitting machines with double needle bed. It allows to create a huge quantity of different samples, in all possible gauges, using a single machine with a compact design that integrates all the devices, including the beam support. This machine is suitable for the prototyping and production of many different articles, such as technical textiles like nettings, geo textiles and industrial fabrics; medical textiles such as bandages, nettings, dressings and disposable pants; shoe uppers (3D fabrics) and garment textiles and many others.

The machine is available now with 12 guide bars electronically controlled in order to develop advanced technical fabrics. The DNB/EL-32-12B has an electronically long-throw device with a maximum stroke of 560 mm, which allows the customer to produce reinforced fabrics; to create technical textiles with continuous weft insertion for example using conductive yarns and last but not the least to design innovative technical fabrics for furnishing according to the product shown on the machine at ITMA 2019.

Any type of yarn can be processed according to the machine gauge: natural fibre yarns such as wool and cotton; synthetic yarns; special yarns such as aramid, glass fibre yarns, metallic yarns; high tenacity PP and PES yarns, monofilament yarns, etc.

800 ACO/EL crochet knitting machine with hybrid control

The 800 ACO/EL is a crochet knitting machine with compound needles, electronically controlled yarn tension device and stitch density regulation. This hybrid control machine merges the economic advantages and the speed of a mechanical structure to the straightforward handling given by the electronic component.

The 800 ACO/EL, recommend for the production of both elastic and rigid fabrics and tapes, is ideal for products with lock-stitch structure. Some of the products and applications that can be produced are as following:

  • Medical and orthopaedic textiles (body belts, gauzes and bandages).
  • Astrakhan with close loop.
  • Articles for house cleaning.
  • Furnishing ribbons and tapes.
  • Sportswear ribbons.

The compound needle machine is available now with 800 mm working width. It is equipped with 8 weft bars controlled by chain links with involute profile. The electronic operating system allows to select different stitch density values in one single product as well as different values for weft feeding and elasticity.

The compound needle makes the machine highly versatile as it allows the processing in the warp, in addition to classic synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene), of natural yarns (cotton, wool) and special fibres (aramid, fibreglass) as well.


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