Shahid Anwar Tata, CEO, Tata Textile Mills Limited.

The Chief Guest, Mr Shahid Tata, in his very informative presentation, addressed several issues of the cotton industry, like the cotton picking, ginning technology, farming and wrapping and other technological failures that hindered the progress of the textile sector.

He also highlighted several opportunities in the cotton sector of Pakistan. Comparing the cotton Industry of Pakistan with the other developing countries, he said that, Pakistan is self-sufficient in cotton-growing but still lacks know-how in new techniques and methods of productions in this sector.

The government should play a proactive role in the development of the cotton sector as it is the backbone of our economy. Awareness should be given at all levels to improve the production of the Cotton Industry. Facilitation at all levels should be provided to the cotton growers to get maximum benefits and get the improved amount of production in this sector.


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