Mazhar Mirza, Program Representative Pakistan, CCI USA.

As a representative of CCI in Pakistan, Mr Mazhar Mirza has been working with most of the textile-related government and semi-government departments and associations to promote this sector.

He gave an overview of services that CCI provides to the customers include informative and promotional events regularly highlighting the cotton industry around the world. These events helped them to have a better understanding of the worldwide cotton industry. 

Engaging different industrialists and other professionals, they arranged various training and awareness drives to facilitate the Pakistan cotton industry encouraging B2B and B2C interactions.  Another facilitation is the technical services that CCI provided to its licensed members to improve productivity sustainably. With this, an exchange program was also initiated in which the high-tech developed companies shared their experiences and success stories with peers to modify the conventional industries into more profitable units in future.

The participation in all major textile events around the world by CCI allows their global customers a platform of interaction with other related professionals all over the world. Pakistan’s cotton industry has also received many benefits through such collaborations. 

With the help of all these facilitations, billions of products are now having US cotton tags and the CCI licensing is also growing with time. To date, 77 companies are given CCI licenses in Pakistan and every year this number is growing exponentially.


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