William Bettendorf, Director, Supply Chain Marketing, South & Southeast Asia.

Why do we believe US cotton is sustainable? US cotton is grown from the East Coast to the West Coast in 17 states. Texas is the largest in them. Our goals are very simple. We want to be the world’s leaders in sustainable cotton. Also more importantly for us, we want to be the top supplier of cotton in the world.

William Bettendorf, Director, Supply Chain Marketing, South & Southeast Asia

We believe US Cotton is sustainable for these five reasons:

  1. Family Farms. The cotton business is in the multi-generational farm, the families are passing these lands from their parents to children.
  2. We embrace technology, we use precision in agriculture. We use the combination of GPS technology with the satellites that combine the tractors with the fields and created maps through which we know the actual position of the field – where it is dry and where it is wet and where we need to water the field.
  3. Regulations, the US cotton farmers whether he is growing tobacco, cotton, corn, and wheat, have to follow a lot of rules and regulations. These are set by 5 or 6 different agencies like the US Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agencies etc. These farmers are also monitored they are checked by different agencies.
  4. We have also collected a lot of data with these monitoring and then we can set some benchmarks and set our goals for future production.
  5. We use improved irrigation techniques and modern technologies. We are now using 82% less water and the production of greenhouse gases are also reduced by 30% with less soil erosion and also reduced other harmful practices. This is a very significant advancement over the past 35 years.

Our industry and the CCI has a particular task force including a group of people that look up our sustainability practices to monitor those and to give suggestions regarding our policies. So we are the first country, the US that created goals for 2025 and also accomplished all the benchmarks that were set in the past.

Carbon is the most organic material that we have and by introducing more carbon into the soil we create a healthier environment for the soil and for the plants. We also want to use those production practices that increase the amount of carbon in the field.

We want to continue to use the technology, precision in agriculture and improved irrigation techniques. We are going to do more research on the American Cotton Industry in both the sectors – the public and the private sector. The value of research conducted every year exceeded the previous years’ research practices.

We also have a continuous improvement program which is very important for all our customers because we sell our products to them that they used in different brands. The program also establishes some other beneficial standards and through which we can verify our cotton, because most of our customers wanted to have the US cotton verification process.


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