COTTON USATM Technical Conferences Multan and Karachi

Cotton Council International (CCI), the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America (NCC), is a non-profit trade association that promotes US cotton fibre and manufactured cotton products around the globe with the Cotton USA trademark. CCI has 60 years of experience promoting US cotton fibre and products to trade and consumers, and works with spinning mills, fabric and garment manufacturers, brands, retailers, textile associations, governments and the USDA to facilitate the use of US cotton. Its reach extends to more than 50 countries through 20 offices around the world. Supima, on the other hand, is also a non-profit organisation in the US whose main objective is to promote the use of US-grown American Pima cotton around the world and is involved in quality assurance and research programmes. Founded in 1954, it derived its name from 'Superior Pima'. Supima licenses about 400 selected high-quality mills, textile and clothing manufacturers, and brands/retailers to use the Supima trademark. Members finance the activities of Supima by payments calculated on a "per bale" basis.

Cotton Council International regularly organises and participates in conferences and promotional events in Pakistan which at present is a big market for US cotton due to its inherent suitability. Recently, CCI participated in Inspiring Change Conference in Lahore and organised technical informative sessions for the professionals in Karachi and Multan. William Bettendorf, director of supply chain marketing for South and Southeast Asia along with his team including Mazhar Mirza and leading cotton expert, Roger Gilmartin of Triblend Consultants and Custom Technical Solutions presented the benefits of using US cotton to the leaders of the textile industry.


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