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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP AND SMIT presented latest solutions for the textile industry

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is one of the leading players in the world market of machine manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes. 

As a technology partner for weaving, knitted, woven fabrics and green solutions the Group have evolved into SANTEX RIMAR GROUP: Smit is globally recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology; Cavitec and Isotex lead the technical textile machinery market; Santex and Sperotto Rimar produce machinery for textile finishing; Solwa provides eco-friendly machinery for water treatment and waste management.

In a new era where sustainability and the production processes speed are the hardest challenges and, at the same time, the biggest opportunities to develop new business models, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP presented new solutions for the textile industry during ITMA in Barcelona.

SperottoRimar COMPAS, The Compacting Revolution.

Santex Rimar Group demonstrated a unique capability to understand customers’ needs along the complete production process in textile industry, testified by the impressive machinery and processes innovation presented at the exhibition, from weaving to finishing to technical textiles, exploiting areas where real added value can be transferred to its valuable customers, explained Ferdinando Businaro, Santex Rimar Group President.

“Santex Rimar Group aims to transfer the results of tireless research and improvements to the customers in order to give them unique competitive advantages, supporting them in the race to be really sustainable and successful” concludes Simone Rancan, Group CEO.

Finishing systems

Sperotto Rimar COMPAS, The Compacting Revolution: New frontier in compacting woven and knitted fabrics made in natural and blended fibers.

Solwa DRYWA, Green sludge dryer: Efficient and cost-effective sludge management respecting environment and climate.

Santex Rimar Group ATHENA, Advanced Deep Learning Technologies: Achieve quality production standards with Industry 4.0.

Weaving systems

Smit 2FAST, Flexible Advanced Shuttleless Technology: The full potential of free flight.

Santex Rimar Group GUARD ONE, Quality control system: Protect your profitability and production consistency.

Santex Rimar Group 2SAVE: Sustainability through fabric waste reduction.

Smit GS980 260 F8 J: Combined with a 6.144 hooks STAUBLI Jacquard (full width, 1 hook per end, 12+12 ends/cm), with 100% cot- ton, dyed yarn terry towel.

Smit GS980 360 C8 J: Combined with a 27.648 hooks BONAS Jacquard (full width, 1 hook per end, 79,5 ends/cm), with 100% cotton bed sheeting.

Smit GS980 220 C8 D: With synthetic sportswear article, multi-filament black and white polyamide warp yarn, 44 ends/cm; texturized polyamide weft yarn, 32 ins/cm.

Smit ONE 190 C8 J: In combination with a BONAS Jacquard and the Van De Wiele “Smart Creel” displayed at Van De Wiele booth.

Coating and laminating lines

Cavitec CAVIFLEX: Hotmelt coating and laminating machine with interchangeable coating modules.

Isotex ISOCOAT: Highly customizable coating and laminating lines for technical textiles.

Santex SANTACOMPACT RD: Felt belt compacting for the high-quality finishing of open width knitted fabrics.

SperottoRimar DECOFAST 4.0: The evolution of continuous decatizing process under pressure equipped with a new high-performance steam extraction system.

SperottoRimar VELURA DD28: The latest and most advanced solution in the raising technology.


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