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Mesdan presents LODO

Mesdan LODO is ideal for small samples of yarn cones, bulk fibers, fabric beams and yarn skeins. Different configurations of automation levels are available to increase dyeing REPEATABILITY to reach the highest possible Right First Time (RFT).

 Daniela Messa, CEO of Mesdan - one of the leading companies in the field of yarn joining technology - shared with audiences in the press conference that company's new MOlSTAIR products: the MOlSTAIR 6981 A, a universal splicer for single and plied yarns (for cotton and synthetics), and the MOISTAIR 6982 A, a splicer for coarse and multi-fold cotton yarns.

Additionally, Mesdan's newest cotton ­monitoring technologies, Contest-S and Contest-F, were highlighted for their ability to detect the stickiness and determine the properties of cotton, respectively, while Ms Messa also revealed a new semi-automatic tensile tester, the Tenso-Lab 4.

Technical features

  • Three versions available: Manual - standard automation - full automation.
  • From 1 to 6 independent units, each 1000 cc capacity.
  • Atmospheric and high temperature dyeing (max +135°C).
  • Variable liquor ratio: From 1:30 down to 1:5 (depending on specimen type).
  • With programmable and user-friendly PLC microprocessor with touch screen display - up to 50 programs memory capacity.
  • Made in Italy with highest quality standards, safety features and low environment impact.
  • Each dyeing unit is equipped with: Automatic continuous washing system and drain of the dyeing bath, reversible circulation pump (to allow bath flow from the inside-outside, and vice versa), safety thermostat, as per CE norms, high quality thermal insulation system (to save power and enable faster temperature increase) and automatic indirect water cooling system by means of an electro valve.


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