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MS sells multiple Mini Larios

MS Printing Solutions has made a success of ITMA 2019 having announced the sale of 10 digital textile printers, including three of its MS Mini Lario and three of its well-established single-pass LaRio machines.

Italy-based Seride and Turkey-based duo Menderes Tekstil and Akbaslar are the three companies who have invested in MS' latest offering to the digital textile printing market. The Mini Lario is being showcased for the very first time at ITMA 2019 and has been launched to fill the gap between the single-pass LaRio and the multi-pass JPK-Evo. MS hopes its brand new digital scanning machines will strongly influence the future market for digital textile  printing thanks to its strengths which include a compact design, speed and high-quality output. Menderes and Seride have made the purchase based on MS' vast experience and reputation within the digital textile printing market.

With 64 print heads, the Mini Lario can reach a maximum printing speed of 1,094 metres every hour, according to MS. The printer also features a host of technical innovations including bold solutions such as positioning the printing carriage hang on the printing bridge. MS states that the printer enables high speed, accuracy and total system reliability.

Luigi Milini, MS Printing Solutions' honorary president, says: “Mini Lario is now the fastest scanning machine in the world. We believe that only by staying one step ahead, can we drive technical change. We have done this with the LaRio single pass, and we’re doing it again today with the Mini Lario:”

Elsewhere, Spain-based Sedatex, Bangladesh-based Robintex Group and Italy's DGTEX have purchased MS' single-pass LaRio. MS' signature solution was first launched in Barcelona at ITMA 2011 when the exhibition was last hosted in the Catalonian city and has been praised for boosting the reputation of digital single-pass solutions within the textile industry. The latest version of the LaRio, at ITMA 2019, has an in-line fabric pre-treatment and is something that will benefit both Sedatex, DGTEX and Robintex when their new printers are installed in the weeks and months ahead.

"We are proud to be among the leaders of industrial digital textile printing, succeeding in always finding new solutions for improving our customers' work,” says Paolo Milini, MS Printing Solutions' president,"The in-line pre-treatment allows the LaRio to take a new leap forward on the path of innovation. Pre-treatment is crucial in digital printing and the in-line solution brings great benefits, drastically reducing the set-up process, water, chemicals and energy consumption. Developing sustainable technologies is our responsibility towards future generations and is the milestone of our green strategy.”

Elsewhere, the MS JP7 - with a productivity of 650 sqm/h - has been purchased by Turkish textile manufacturers Tan Tekstil and Dets Textile. Meanwhile, the MS JPK-Evo has been purchased by Texprint of Spain, and Poland­ based Adamex has invested in MS' low-to­ medium production JP4 Evo.


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