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A9500-2bedsheeting: The second generation of the Itema Airjet machine

The Second Generation of the Itema Airjet machine, the A9500-2, was on show providing further increased speed, reliability and textile efficiency, including a machine version exclusively dedicated to bed sheeting weavers, the A9500-2 bedsheeting, featuring one of the latest Itema in-house developments the SKYFRAME heald frames

Developed to provide even the most demanding bed sheeting weavers with an airjet weaving machine capable to reach the highest performances and to guarantee unparalleled fabric quality and design versatility, the Itema airjet A9500-2 bedsheeting makes its debut at ITMA 2019. Coming within the framework of the Itema unique market positioning to develop weaving machines fine-tuned to weave a specific fabric, the A9500-2 bedsheeting has been tailored on bed sheeting weavers desires.

Key machine components, such as main and tandem nozzles, have been redesigned along with the whole pneumatic platform to ensure superior performances in terms of speed coupled with superior fabric quality and textile efficiency.

Carlo Ragora, CEO, Itema Group.

Absolute new launch and core advancement featured on the A9500-2 bedsheeting are the brand-new heald frames SKYFRAME - Itema exclusive proprietary technology - made of aluminium and carbon and designed by Itemalab in cooperation with Lamiflex. Itema invested on the development of its own airjet heald frames to answer its Customers specific needs. In fact, heald frames represent key components on airjet technology and the Itema SKYFRAME, thanks to its superior lightness and sturdiness, allows to run at the highest speeds without compromising reliability and resistance.


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