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Fadis offers precision winding machines since 1960

Fadis SpA - a typical Italian family company, founded by the grandfather Giuseppe Carabelli with his friend Armando Canton in 1960. Today the four siblings Raffaella, Giuseppe, Debora and Elena Carabelli with Wanda Canton are the “driving forces” of the company.

In the past five-year period, sales have increased to staggering numbers: +80% with over 30 million turnover in 2018 can be attributed to the choices made by Fadis in the past. First of all, investments in R&D and innovations of the production itself in 4.0 key. The company currently invests 6% of annual revenues to upgrade its machinery for higher performance and more flexible production, and also creates new machines by anticipating the needs of its domestic and international clientele.

The machine planning has been organized on an open platform system. All machinery models have been optimised to make them adaptable to the individual textile sectors, from upholstery to hosiery, from shirting to knitwear, from medical to high-performance technical yarns to carpets.

Over time, the Fadis production line has been enriched with other lines related to the evolution of synthetic yarns, such as cops winding and air texturization. To choose the complete Fadis cycle, from beginning to the end offers a great advantage: Fadis becomes the reference partner, to advise and customise the right machines to resolve all the customer requirements.

Flexibility and internationalisation are two of Fadis’ strategic pillars. On average, the company exports 93% of its production to 70 countries, offering also wide-spread after-sales assistance. It has representative offices and several after-sales assistance offices in many countries, including the possibility of activating a remote emergency assistance system directly from the company’s headquarters.

Fadis has invested in sustainability, both through the “Sustainable Technologies Project” promoted by Acimit to make textile machinery increasingly eco-sustainable and by installing a photovoltaic system giving an annual energy production of 650 thousand kilowatts, reducing the carbon footprint equal to 11.6 tons.

Furthermore, Fadis has completely reorganised its production premises, logistics and internal organisation in the light of Industry 4.0.

Sincro Multipla Air jet Dual core.

Fadis has invested in the reorganisation of the production processes by changing all the handling and storage logistics through 11 automated warehouses, all interconnected with the company’s computer systems. It invested in mechanical processing by buying new state-of-the-art tooling and robotic machinery. Thanks to this decision, Fadis has brought back inside all the mechanical processing that has guaranteed the flexibility necessary to swiftly adept to market changes and meet customers’ needs.

Fadis not only underwent a reorganisation, but also developed a communication software (FID) for its winders that allows the interconnection of the information systems of the customer to the machines, so as to send and receive back data of the production carried out.

As other challenges are emerging, Fadis will continue to work on both products and company organization so as to seize the continuing opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. This is an ambitious challenge and a new revolution that will change the world of production.


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