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Durst sells Alpha 330 digital textile printer

Durst presented Alpha 330 digital textile printer for pigment inks at ITMA in Barcelona.

The company sold an industrial Durst Alpha 330 pigment machine to Brazilian company Döhler SA, using pigment inks.The Brazilian market is growing for Durst when it comes to digital textile printing, with the call for more localised production to consumer markets. The broader South and Central American markets are also growing in this context. However, the US market is also a strong market for Durst at the moment, with a particular interest in pigments as it is a dry and green process.

The company also sold an Alpha 330 with dual roll technology using reactive HD inks, to an industrial printer in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed, one of the largest printers in Pakistan, according to Martin Winkler, business unit manager-Textile Printing, Durst Phototechnik.

Durst has also sold more machines to other print houses in Brazil, Poland, India and Pakistan.

Durst has seen an increase of interest in its Durst pigment inks. Winkler says that pigments now are so advanced that you can't see a difference in terms of colour and quality when compared with reactive inks.

Additionally, the new pigment technology allows for new business models and new types of applications, thus providing more possibilities for the digital textile printing market. For example, a Durst customer based in Germany is printing on stretch fabrics. The customer prints on polyester inline, with its 'print, bake, ship; business model. "It is a green and dry process as no water is used and less energy;' says Winkler.

It is important to note that the uptake of pigments is not wholly driven by the environment, Winkler adds: “The environment will have an impact on people investing in pigment in the long term, but business models are driving the innovation process.”


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