Italian Review

Corino Macchine presents Superslit

According to Mr. Francesco Corino of Corino Macchine SpA, “The Superslit designed and manufactured in Italy is the result of over 40 years of experience and continuous developments in the design of rope opening/slitting lines. The Superslit is the finest rope opening/slitting line in the market, highly configurable due to its unique modular design and equipped with the best electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components.”

Features of Superslit

DETWISTER: The patented design with ultra fast twist sensor guarantees a perfect operation at the full speed of 100m/min with the low height of only 5m.

SLITTING BASKET: With GOLDENEYE digital camera for a high precision drop stitch detection.

ROPE SQUEEZER: Gently pulls out the fabric from the fabric trolley and delivers it tension free to the detwister, while simultaneously removing the excess water from the fabric.

TURNTABLE: Automatically rotates the fabric trolleys in synchronisation with the detwister.

OPENING MODULE: Opens the fabric with a dual opening system, using scroll rolls plus fabric guider or an opening triangle.

ANTIPILLING: The low tension counterflow design with driven rollers effectively washes out enzymatic dust from both sides of the opened fabric while treating even the most delicate structures very gently.

FOULARD: The over dimensioned design with the maximum squeezing force of 18,000 Kg is the strongest in its class.

PLAITER: The plaiter option be chosen from three versions: reel type for small wavy folds, lever type for long flat folds, and multi-function lever type for both long flat and small wavy folds.


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