Italy continues to be a relaiable partner for Pakistan

Italy is one of the top ten trade partners of Pakistan globally, and third among the European Union member states.  ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association has a large number of member companies that share a long history with Pakistan’s textile industry. Companies such as Marzoli, Savio, Ferraro, Brazzoli, Arioli, Loptex, Fadis, Bianco, Itema and many more have contributed significantly towards the modernisation of Pakistan’s textile industry, when it was most needed soon after the creation of the country in 1947.

Italian companies are at the forefront of the fast growing digital printing sector which is the most important sector that caters the domestic market of printing garments for women. A smaller segment caters to the home textiles as well. Companies such as Reggiani, MS and Durst lead the digital printing market globally as well as in Pakistan.

 Pakistan has consistently remained the 8th largest buyer of Italian machinery from 2014 to 2018. Italy remains a strong partner for Pakistan’s textile industry and this commitment of Italian companies to Pakistan continues. Italian exports of textile machinery amounted to 80 million in 2018 according to ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association have been most active over the years to strengthen trade linkage through organisation of technological seminars and training sessions for the textile professionals in Pakistan.

Italian companies are successful due to their commitment to their customers. Flexibility is the key to the strong relationship between Pakistani textile manufacturers and Italian machinery suppliers. The customers get personal attention and in many cases custom made solutions to their unique set of problems and issues. The business structure of many Italian and Pakistani companies is quite similar, where family members contribute to the progress of their companies by taking up different responsibilities. This entails a deep personal commitment and dedication, which is difficult to find in large multinational conglomerates. The hard times are borne together and survival during such adverse times is dependent on the austerity measures, which are possible due to the family structure of these companies.  That is why it is much easier for Pakistani entrepreneurs to understand and develop long term business relationships with their Italian counterparts than with many other countries.

Another key to the success of Italian companies is the practice of self finance, rather than a dependence on financial institutions. While low levels of bank borrowings restrict ultra fast growth in the long run the growth and development is much more sustainable.

ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association has introduced Green Label certification verified by an internationally recognised organisation RINA. The ACIMIT Supplier of Sustainable Technologies registered trademark is the symbol that identifies Italian textile machinery manufacturers, who comply with the "Sustainable Technologies" project, and thus use of the ACIMIT green label.  This certification is the validation of Italian companies to sustainable production and an assurance of their commitment to the environment.

In this annual Italian Review of Pakistan Textile Journal, our editors have highlighted the wide range of technological developments achieved by the Italian companies starting from spinning weaving all the way to finished garments and other value added products such as digital printing, hometextiles and technical applications. Italian companies received tremendous response at the recently concluded ITMA exhibition and highlights of these technological breakthroughs can be found in the special report.


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