21st Edition of DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR concluded successfully

DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR’s 21st edition concluded March 28th 2019, achieving new milestones in exhibitor numbers, increased participation with VIP programs, and onsite events. This year’s edition grew to an impressive show space of 175,000 sqm and welcomed over 1,560 exhibitors. From the total number of 66875, 15092 visitors came from outside of China. Attendees from South Korea, USA, Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada and Germany made up the top-10 international visiting countries.

"This year's DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR was again very international,” said Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director of DOMOTEX Worldwide. “This makes the Shanghai-based show a global market place that brings together the international carpet and flooring industry. The many design events, such as the Chinese Original Carpet Design Show, provided inspiration and new ideas, as well as initiating new business. All of the exhibitors I talked to were very satisfied with both the quality and quantity of visitors to their booths. Once again, DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR has proven to be a trendsetter and has delivered real potential for the flooring industry in the Asia-Pacific region.“ 

Shine Liu, Vice President, General Manager of Project Centre, VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd.

Exhibitors Comments:
Shine Liu, Vice President, General Manager of Project Centre, VNU
Exhibitions Asia Ltd.

Established since 1993, our major business is organizing exhibitions such as Domotex Asia Chinafloorand it is in our genes to do show management. We have a highly professional team that consists of local as well as international members. We also hire local people that can understand our international business and buyers. It is important to take care of even minor concerns that are important to our exhibitors and the visitors. This year around 600 top companies in the flooring sector from all over the world are participating. This year as in the past, we have witnessed an increasingly large number of buyers, including international buyers from Australia, US and also from the Asian countries. We are quite satisfied with the turnout and the  increase in the size with all the stands full of quality products. In all probability ext year  we may have to add one more hall, so next year we will surely occupy all the halls of the Shanghai New International Expo.

Industry News @World Flooring Forum

The day before the show, DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR hosted the World Flooring Forum in collaboration with China National Forest Products. A highlight of the conference was a global market overview presented by eight keynote speakers from Europe, USA, Australia and China. They shared their perspectives on the current status and future market trends of the flooring industry in China, Europe and North America. The conference also included four consecutive panel discussions. More than 400 top leaders from the biggest Chinese manufacturers and global distributors were there to discuss market trends, technology innovations, material applications, distribution channels, and branding.

Exhibitor Comments:  Mr. Huseyin Ulutas, Turkish Carpet Association

Domotex Asia Chinafloor is a very important exhibition for Turkish carpet industry. Twenty two Turkish companies are participating in thet event, either directly, through partnerships or jointly with the Turkish Carpet Association.There are twelve companies participating in the current booth.

The stands of Turkish companies are very beautiful and their displayed products are very modern and technologically advanced covering a wide range. Approximately 65% of the products are produced in rugs carpets. Among this 65% of products, 80% of them are based in Ghaziantep region.

The business of handmade carpets is going down because of machine-made carpets. Because the machine-made is much cheaper than the handmade and is now very similar in quality to the hand made carperts.

Mr. Mehmet Ozbeg, Huseyin Ulutas, Nese Kayhan and Kadir Kaplan of Turkish Carpet Association.

Day by day their business is going down because people every year change their carpets in the house so handmade carpets are not feasible for them because the price of handmade carpets is going up on a yearly basis. The flooring sector alongwith the  hometextiles and the furniture is also changing.

Pakistan and Turkey are brotherly countries with the same religion and are very close since centuries, and continue the efforts to maintain this relationship as the Turkish handmade carpets are very much famous in Pakistan.

The only way to save the handmade carpet industry is government support. The government should support the carpet producers so they can have a better solution for the industry. In Turkey, we are not aware of that process that's why the industry is going down, so we need help from Pakistan to take care of our handmade carpet industry. In our country, carpet is not a need it is a luxury.

Exhibitor Comments: Ms. Snelata Sen, Marketing Manager, Standard Carpets UAE

Standard Carpets UAE was establised in 1997 in Sharjah; we first bought the PP machine in 1999 and started manufacturing the carpets. This year, it’s been twenty years in the business of carpet manufacturing. We have made a lot of changes in our company while following the trends, in terms of sustainability, in terms of certifications and in other designs and patterns. Broadloom is definitely a bigger market for us accounting for 70% of that we sell, and in Australia, we sell in larger volume in the residential market as well as in the US. 30% our production is carpet tiles that move more towards the Asian markets. In Pakistan, there is a mix like both broadloom and carpet tiles because there are a lot of MNCs that buy carpet tiles. The artificial grass is mainly for the Middle East region and really works out well in that region.

Our factory is spread around 1.3 million square feet and is globally among the ten largest factories. We also manufacture our own yarn, we have for the tufting and for the finishing also in the single area. We also manufacture polyester and nylon. And all our yarns are solution dyed. It’s a water-free yarn manufacturing process.

Snelata Sen, Marketing Manager and Diwakar Sharma, Region Sales Manager, Standard Carpets UAE.

In Pakistan, the volumes are not so big; the South Asian countries need smaller volumes. But the best thing in those countries are the dealers, who are getting their big orders from us and then stock in their warehouses, which they sell. So we are able to cater all customers no matter how small their requirements are.

In Pakistan we have two distributors, the first, Venus Carpets are representing all the broadlooms, and our other distributor is Pakistan Carpet Industries, who are representing our carpet tiles. If we compare our distribution services between India and Pakistan then we did not find any proficient distributor in India as we have in Pakistan. The way Pakistani team works for us is really commendable.

In Pakistan right now it is the age of high rise buildings at present and for them, a need is created on a daily basis for flooring and other related products.

The biggest markets for us are Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the US at that time because our pricing is really good in these countries and they also buy in bulk, like 15 to 20 containers in one go. The only price challenge we feel is in the Asian markets. This is also because of a lot of Chinese influence in Asian markets. People in Asian countries are not taking care of things like certified products.

Exhibitor Comments: Ms. Sherry Xue, Chairman, Shengyuan Carpet Group Co. Ltd.

We are based in  the North west province of Qinghai which is not as strong economically as Shanghai or Guang Dong for example. Shengyuan carpet was named after the birth place of sacred source of three rivers: "The Yellow River," "The Yangtse River" and "The Lantsang River" . They are the mother rivers of the Chinese people.  We started our operations in 2007 and decided to import machine made innovation. In the 11 years we have been able to achieve great success and today ShenThis is a region famous for its traditional carpets.  We have the latest technology with a complete process of spinning dyeing weaving the wool to the high end finished product incorporating traditional crafts of the region. We only make carpet according to the orders for our high end customers in the hospitality sector, cruises and casinos and cruises.  A smaller part is for the residential market but only the very high end.

Sherry Xue, Chairman,
Shengyuan Carpet Group Co. Ltd.

Machine made carpets have increased the volume of the business. Traditionally, the quantities of hand made carpets were very small and carpets were made in small workshops.  Now it is an industry and branding is possible catering to a vast customer base.  We have not abandoned the traditions and have kept he traditional crafts alive while using modern technology and designs for weaving the carpets. We still use the traditional washing and dyeing processes that makes us different from other manufacturers.

The carpet industry can grow only with the larger quantities and volumes. With the traditional carpets, quantities were limited restricting growth.  Labor cost in the meanwhile has also increased a lot. The customers of today want good modern designs at reasonable cost.  We can offer that while retaining the traditional crafts and providing employment to our workers who have not been replaced by the technology. The workers who traditionally could make only one or two square meters can now produce a few hundred square meters. This is a perfect combination of modern technology and designs and traditional crafts. I think Pakistani carpet designs are beautiful but you also need to combine your traditional designs with the modern ones to meet the needs of the growing market.

Exhibitor Comments:  Mr. Rody Wang,CEO, DECNO Floor of Innovation.

Our company specializes in floor innovations since last 22 years. We start from HPI board and after two years we started a laminate factory started selling around the world. Around two years ago, we started SPC flooring and it's very good and selling around the world. In Pakistan we also have some customers and we try our level best to deliver the best quality.

There are three things that make us better among all: the first thing is innovation,  that makes the product different and better in the competition and it also makes the market and sales better; the second thing is all our innovations that basically depend upon on the customer needs; third is the service we provide. Different services to the different customers like branding, packaging and document services In different languages like Spanish and Russian.

The United States, Australia and Canada are the three biggest markets but we also sell in other regions like South Africa. In India and Pakistan we also sell laminate flooring But it is not our major market in terms of volume.

Rody Wang, CEO, DECNO Floor of Innovation.

Quality comes from manufacturing: from good workers to good facilities and good technologies. We have TMS Techno Manufacturing System and we also have TQS Techno Quality Control System. It is for the quality control before and after the production and we make sure that our quality  meets the customers’ requirements as well as global standards.

In the whole world, the flooring industry will be booming and booming. And this flooring is going to take a huge share of  ceramics and marble. Right now we have a lot of floorings that are better than marble and ceramics and people all around the world come to us to replace their traditional marble and ceramic with our latest technology advanced floorings. So the innovation the technology and the research and development is long-lasting and is for the future of this industry.

Exhibitor Comments : Mr. Thomas Baert, President, CFL Creative Flooring Solutions

I came to China In 1996 working for an American carpet company and quickly realized that carpet is not fit for the Chinese and Asian markets.

I believe in hard surface and I believe in the opportunities in hard surface categories. Hard surface categories are going through major developments and regionally the market imports a lot of laminate flooring.

“CFL is the industry disrupter with its construction on the base of Engineered stone. We believe that this will shape the innovation in the flooring industry the next years. We are ready to take the lead”.

Thomas Baert, President, Creative Flooring Solutions.

CFL Flooring is the leading manufacturer and inventor of PVC-free engineered stone flooring. It positions its lines as the pinnacle of the waterproof category: superb stability, rigidity and unmatched wear resistance.

Four to five years ago there was a drastic change from flexible LVT to an LVT that is made on the basis of a stone, and the advantage of a stone is that stone is already water-resistant and the LVT is also waterproof.  Traditional LVT is made from PVC but people don’t like it  because it looks like plastic. It is not temperature resistant like in Pakistan there are very extreme circumstances. We basically wanted to combine the two different industries stone and LVT and came up with our unique patented solution. It is a product which is waterproof and easy to install combining the best features of LVT and stone flooring.

The carpets are going down in all leading markets and ceramics is also under pressure because of difficult installation being replaced by LVT type of products or stone products.

Comments by Mr. Eddie Zhuang, Vice President, Nuoao (Fujian)
Environmental Products Co. Ltd.

About 25 years ago, my father established the company of nonwoven carpets especially for car material for Toyota, KIA,  Honda and so on. We also made doormats and worked for USA, Europe and also for the rest of Asia. In 2005 we turned to tufted carpets, so we are the first to introduce pure PT fiber yarn because it is cheaper than nylon. We also made hotel carpets from the high digital printing machine.

Our wall to wall carpets have very good sales records. This year we have introduced the printed carpet tiles. In these, we use composite fibers and polyester because nylon is soft. We also use environmental PVC which is nonwoven and multilevel. It is very difficult to make that product. It looked simple from the outside but it is very complicated construction. We get very positive feedback from our customers and we will continue this in the next some years in the field of carpet tiles.

Our distributors are buying from us and then selling to the hotel decorations company. Our quality is due to continuous process of improvements, we had faced some problems with the colors but with the passage of time, we got hold over it and made the things even better. Currently, we have four machines from Zimmer from Austria. The prices of these machines are higher but the quality of the machines are very stable. We are using the machines for more than 10 years and still, the quality is good, the printing characteristics are very clear.

Wood & Bamboo Flooring Hosted Buyers Program

Wood and bamboo flooring experts from Australia, Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States attended B2B meetings with exhibiting manufacturers. The goal of this program was to increase business collaboration between international buyers and domestic wood and bamboo flooring suppliers.

“I had the gratifying experience of being part of the Wood & Bamboo Flooring Hosted Buyers Program with DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR,” said Gloria Sierra Male from Distiplas, Spain. “It is a very useful way to meet local companies. One day before the fair I made many good contacts, so I was able to follow up during the exhibition days at their stands.”

Australian Delegation

Co-organized with the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA), 38 Australian buyers went on a special tour through the wood halls of the fair to increase onsite engagement and business collaboration with top Chinese wood exhibitors.

The Successful Return of Luxury Brands

The third edition of the Luxury Brands Carpet Show was a visitor favorite, welcoming both new and returning design companies. Curated by COVER Magazine, the pavilion was once again set up as a gallery style viewing area that naturally led visitors to each company’s carpet art.

Opening its doors with an exclusive networking cocktail, the area became a connecting point of the international high end luxury rug brands and local interior designers. As part of the Luxury Brands show for 2019, there were series of talks by exhibitors and COVER magazine, on the subject of rugs and their importance for interiors and future rug trends.

Outstanding debut of Chinese Original Carpet Design Show

DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR organized this design event in order to give confidence to local talents and to support exceptional art students. More than 50 local designers took part in the online competition and were judged on style, pattern, and interior matching by three of the industry’s leading international media publications: HALI, Carpet XL and Decostyle. 25 selected pieces were shown onsite, where the professional jury chose the top 13 carpets. The winners received design awards and were published in the leading Chinese interior design publication - INTERNI.

NEW Flooring Products @InnovAction

The 2019 InnovAction Flooring Campaign presented 21 products and materials from the resilient and wood sectors. The voting for the show’s Top-10 Best Products took place three weeks before the show opening and was judged online by the flooring professionals. Onsite, InnovAction exhibitors were found within two specialty display areas, all of which designed by globally renowned architect, Kostas Chatzigiannis. Each pavilion gave the halls a different flair and introduced award-winning concepts. The official sponsor, Floor Covering Weekly (FCW) presented the awards to the winners and conducted short interviews with the top 5 resilient and top 5 wood companies.

The winners of the 2019 Top-10 Best Products at DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR were: Shenzhen Kingforests, Histep Healthy Home, Jonhos, Nature Home, Hunan St. Paul Wood, Kunshan Waytex Textile Industry, Chuangxie Floor, Zhejiang Gimig Technology, Jiangsu Zhengyoung Flooring Decoration Material and Hunan Fengchang Building Materials.

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