ITMA 2019, Barcelona

VeriVide to exhibit visual and digital evaluation products at ITMA

As leading drivers of innovation in colour assessment and visual evaluation, ITMA is always a key date in the VeriVide event calendar. VeriVide will be exhibiting their latest developments to the DigiEye product suite, with a particular focus on the DigiView software, which is saving textile retailers and manufacturers thousands of hours in employee time a month and decreasing time to market by days and even weeks.

DigiView is sure to be a major attraction as for most retailers a full system is paid back in 6 months.  A major British retailer paid back a DigiEye cube and DigiView system in less than two months and is currently saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in sample delivery costs.

Also Exhibiting

CAC-LED The CAC-LED is the world’s first tight tolerance LED point of sale light cabinet..

CAC 60 – Light box for colour assessment and visual evaluation of products and samples.

VeriVide Luminaire VL120 – Overhead lighting for optimized viewing in the work area. Mimics natural daylight and available in two sizes (VL60 and VL120)

Pilliscope – Provides consistent conditions for the viewing of woven and knitted fabrics for ICI Tumble Box, Atlas Random Tumble Piling Tester, the Martindale Wear Tester and similar apparatus.

Accelerotor ACCEL - Designed to evaluate samples for the AATCC Accelerator tests, the Accelerotor provides controlled lighting conditions to grade abrasion and scuffing to all know standards. The Accelerotor viewer conforms to ASTM D1175, M&S P26 and Next TM31.

Pilling Assessment Viewer PAV – Enables fabric assessment on a modified Martindale specimen head, conforming to all three parts of EN ISO 12945, BS 5811, SN 198 525 and ASTM D 3512-96 test methods and international standards.


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