ITMA 2019, Barcelona

ZETA DATATEC: The loomdata company

LOOMDATA is designed as a standard product. The quick and easy starting up and the efficient maintenance and development of the software is in the foreground, which offers the customer advantages.

Thomas Aquilini, ZETA Datatec.

This interface allows you to access the LOOMDATA data with SQL. Our specialists help you designing and implementing interfaces to third party systems.

Customized tickets or reports are built using SAP Crystal Reports directly by the customer or our specialists. These tickets will be printed automatically by LOOMDATA or on request.

ZETA DATATEC offers Hardware and Software for Planning and Machine Monitoring in Weaving and Weaving Preparation based on the LOOMDATA Product Family.

Loomdata inspection of textile fabrics.

ERP: The integrated ERP solution for the industrial production. LOOMDATA ERP helps to plan and optimize your human and technical resources.


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