ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Steiger: Swiss Knitting Technology

The company Steiger is active in the production and the sales of industrial knitting machines. With a headquarter based in Vionnaz Switzerland, its activity is supported by operations in China. Steiger is specialized in the textile machines for the fashion and has become the world leader for the medical applications.

TAURUS 2.170 XP: Latest technology with compound needle

Compact machine, 170 cm equipped with 2 systems and 24 horizontally and vertically motorized yarn-guides. The compound needle allows complete garment knitting, multilayers knitting, intarsia knitting with full creativity and high productivity

The Taurus 2.170 XP opens new horizons for the flat knitting industry. This machine contains two innovations patented by Steiger: the compound needle and the storage punch. This unique construction allows complete garment knitting, multilayer knitting, complex in-lay and intarsia. The recognized Steiger’s strengths as the take-down, the open carriage are optimized on the Taurus 2.170 XP. New features also appear such the independent motorized clamp, the vertically and horizontally motorized yarn-guides. Friendly and easy to use, the Taurus 2.170 XP is part of an innovative concept that includes a new programming software: MODEL+. Intuitive, powerful and easy to access, it makes programming available to the greatest number of people.

Carlo Corradi, Steiger.

ARIES 3.130: Productivity and creativity

Compact machine to knit panels, fully fashion, shaped garments, Jacquard and stitch structure combinations.

Compact machine to knit panels, fully fashion, shaped garments, Jacquard and stitch structure combinations. Specialized for Intarsia. Machine with one open carriage with three systems and full three-way-technique performing variable intelligent course upon a needlebed width of 130 cm. Electronic selection on each single needle, special Steiger upper take-down complete of comb. Direct yarn feeding on an open carriage with 24 (option 32) motorized independent yarn-carriers. 12 resp. 16 scissors and clamps in the left and 12 resp. 16 in the right part of the needlebed. Machine available in gauges from E5 to E18/20. Even available in Freegauge version (variable gauge), 7 and 14.


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