ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Rotorcraft AG GreenCompact

Founded by Hans Stahlecker in Altstaetten, Switzerland, in 1973, ROTORCRAFT is a family-owned company and one of the leading provider of innovative, high quality spinning components.


GreenCompact (GC) provides optimization of production and compacting without the use of additional power. The Siro-upgrade-kit to fit all GreenCompact Premium assemblies for Rieter/LMW, PK or Yuhua/Changde drafting sytems. By replacing compactors and deflector of your existing GC-P assembly the customer will be able to spin Siro twisted yarn from Count Ne 18/2 to 80/2.

Resul Istrefi, Rotorcraft AG.

GreenCore Topare RT3

GreenCore is the add on assembly for GC Green‚ÄąCompact to spin compacted core yarn. GreenCore components will match all of the common basic core yarn systems available in the market.

With RT3 Toparms and its range of exchangeable parts all counts from coarse to fine can be spun and all kind of fibers can be processed. RT3 is prepeared to retrofit your existing P3-1 or PK drafting.


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