ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

ESSENTIAL leverages digital technology for the textile value creation. It integrates Rieter’s digital offerings, provides customized interfaces to the ERP systems of the mill, and connects third-party machines. The system provides meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualizes potential improvements for the entire spinning process. In combination with Rieter’s in-depth expertise of all four spinning processes, the platform leverages digital technology in order to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize costs.

Serge Entleitner, Rieter.

Digital Management

Collecting data from sensors along the spinning process and displaying its state of the art. By delivering full transparency and visualizing improvement opportunities. ESSENTIAL acts as powerful management support in a spinning mill. On top, the digital platform helps to optimize resource allocations, productivity increases, product quality improvements and thus ensures highest profitability.

Flexible and Open System

The value creation of a mill is not limited to spinning machines only. Linking ESSENTIAL to ERP systems or third-party machines, a holistic view over the main activities and profit drivers in the mill, even beyond the core spinning process is being provided to the mill management..


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