ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Swissmem Pre-ITMA Press Conference in Lucerne

Swissmem is the leading association for SMEs and large companies in Switzerland's mechanical and electrical engineering (MEM) industries and related technology-oriented sectors. Swissmem enhances the competitiveness of its 1100 or so member companies both at home and abroad by providing needs-based services. These services include professional advice on employment, commercial, contract and environmental law, energy efficiency, and knowledge and technology transfer. Swissmem operates a number of strong networks, including 27 specialist groups. The Swiss Textile Machinery Association is the oldest division, founded in 1940. It represents the interests of the Swiss textile machinery manufacturers. Swissmem and the Swiss Textile Machinery Association are headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and have branches in Winterthur and Lausanne.

The traditional Swissmem Pre-ITMA conference was held at at Montana Art Deco Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland from  March 28 – 30, 2019.  The majority of the 63 exhibitors from Switzerland at ITMA 2019 will attend under the organisation of their national representative body, the Swiss Textile Machinery Association (Swissmem).

At ITMA (June 20-26), every major sector along the textile value chain will be covered by Swiss exhibits, ranging from fiber and yarn manufacturing through knitting, weaving, nonwovens, dyeing and finishing. In many of these disciplines, such as textile testing and quality control and yarn spinning, Swiss firms lead the world.

Following companies made presentations at the pre-ITMA press conference: Amster Tex AG, Autefa Switzerland AG, Benninger AG, Crealet AG, Heberlein AG, Jakob Muller AG, Loepfe AG, Luwa, Maag Brother Machine Works Ltd, Retech AG, Rieter AG, Rotorcraft AG, Ruti Textil AG, Santex Rimar AG, Saurer AG, Sedo Engineering, Staubli AG, Steiger, Uster Technologies AG and Zeta Datatec AG. Pakistan Textile Journal is pleased to present glimpses of the event and details of the presentation made by the companies.


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