ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Maag Brother Machine Works, the global leader in fabric inspection
Fabric inspection: A crucial element of any successful textile production.

Maag Brothers Machine Works from Switzerland is a globally leading producer of performant machines in the field of quality assurance for the textile industry.  At ITMA 2019, they will showcase newest innovations in the field of automated visual error detection and IT solutions. The Maag fabric inspection machines can now run up to 3x faster whilst becoming even more accurate in error detection. Combined with our optimized human interface tool MaagQTex and the seamless integration of data in our client’s ERP systems, your textile production processes will be greatly improved.

Automated fabric inspection solutions: The new generation of high-speed inspection systems. Thanks to the integration of a new automatic camera system, the Maag inspection machines can run up to 3x faster and thus greatly speed up your production processes. And what is equally important, the error detection is improved as well. This new technology effectively supports your factory workers and especially makes 3 shift (24x7) production processes more effective and reliable.

Electronic error data recording system MaagQTex: Fully integrated error data recording system for all classical inspection machines with newly developed human interface. Available for inspection and cutting processes, classical inspection and cutting or 2-step solution with cutting optimizing system.

Touch free laser length measuring system: A new generation of laser length measuring devices which work completely accurate at fast and at crawling speed! All three innovations can be integrated in your existing inspection department and most of your current equipment can still be used.


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