ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, Suessen and SSM

The five companies Bräcker, Graf, Novibra Suessen and SSM joined their sales forces, uniting the world's leading brands for the supply of technology components to the textile industry, forming the only global provider of components for all spinning technologies. The assortment includes the complete product range of components from fibre to yarn. Technology parts for sliver preparation, spinning components for all spinning technologies, products for high-end and basic technology as well as global sales, service, engineering and manufacturing.


Novibra will present the LENA (Low Energy Noise Absorption) high-speed spindle, which reduces the energy consumption of the ring spinning machine. And thanks to the CROCOdoff clamping mechanism, which provides doffing without underwinding and eliminates underwind threads, there are fewer ends down and less fiber fly.


Suessen will present the compacting system New EliTe®: Innovative components further boosting productivity, yarn quality and cost reduction in maintenance with new geometry of the compacting zone. Lattice apron 5star®BL improving wear resistance up to 20% hence longer lifetime and single suction tube type Pelican for less choking and easy cleaning and increased lifetime of EliTop cots up to 100% and reducing handling in buffing and workshop up to 50% and the EliSpring reduces end breaks up to 50%.


Graf will exhibit a wide selection of carding and combing solutions with highest efficiency and best yield on raw material.

Carding: Outstanding sliver quality throughout the entire service life thanks to perfect arrangement of metallic card clothings and flexible and stationary flats.

Combing: Uniquely high performance in terms of short fibers and neps elimination thanks to adjustable gap between circular comb and nipper as well as perfectly defined metallic clothing on combing surface.


Bracker will present an innovative traveller coating and a new ring/traveller combination. The advantages include the surface coating of the ONYX travellers which facilitates greater efficiency. The improved gliding characteristic allows for an increase of the spindle speed by up to 1000 rpm and prolongs the life of the traveller by up to 50%. The large contact surface between SFB traveller and ORBIT ring allows for higher spindle speeds, even with viscose or fibers that are vulnerable to thermal damage, e.g. polyester.


SSM is one of the world’s leading suppliers of precision winding machines in the fields of dyeing, weaving and sewing thread preparation.

Davide Maccabruni CEO SSM.

SSM will present preciforce™: Self-regulating pressure force system for SSM XENO platform and powerblade™: New SSM XENO-PB, combines the advantages of blade winding and electronic yarn traverse.


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